Sometimes It's Embarrassing to be a Conservative

Marijuana should be legalized. So should every other drug. Obama is an idiot yet even he gets the this. What does that make most conservatives?

Retro dudes living in yesteryear. But that hopefully is changing. (See, hope and change can be used in the same sentence without hypocrisy.)

Gay marriage is a big yawn. I’d have been happy to have started my 44 years-and-counting marriage with a civil union after a year of living together. The only reason we got a license is so she could pay in state tuition. So what’s the big deal about gay marriage? Oh, yeah, it’s a god thing. God doesn’t like gays, or something, right? I doubt that, but then I doubt god too.

I’m not only for legalizing drugs and gay marriage, I’m not a Christian, nor anything else, though I like to say I’m not even an atheist because that’s become a form of religion too. Anything’s possible, why close off any options? The day I’m driven to my knees by something, I’ll respect that. But just to hedge my bets against going to hell. That’s hypocrisy squared.

And yet I’m a die hard conservative. But rather one as Rick Santelli, godfather of the Tea Party, describes himself: a fiscal conservative, but also a live and let live social liberal.

Except for the liberal part. I reject that too. Liberalism in general has gotten away with being a positive adjective for  too long, while conservatism has had the exact opposite label. There’s nothing socially liberal about legalizing pot or gay marriage. It’s just common sense and it’s the direction our evolving society has been taking for some time, and no, I don’t attribute or thank Obama for his definition of “evolving” here either. There’s a difference between evolving an attitude about something over time and selling out your principles while trying to make it look like you’re upholding them. He’s of the latter school, sell your principles to the highest bidder and make sure they pay through the mouth for it too. Damn principles don’t come free, says Obama.

But my biggest gripe about conservatives is that they’re still trying to play the liberals’ game as the loyal opposition that “reacts” to history instead of making it. Not that being the party of no hasn’t served a purpose. It has. Never has the word no been used to better effect than the last three years. After all, there’s been nothing coherent to say yes to that’s come from the Obama administration. So just say no. And then say it again.

But now it’s time to go for a little more than no. What’s our agenda? Well, it’s already here.

What’s really ironic is that this all changed in 2010 and nobody noticed it. Not even conservatives. We are suddenly the party of the future. Our young Turks, having been ushered in on the Tea Party wave and those who were already there who got a big bump from the Tea Party’s presence, like Paul Ryan.

Ryan, Cantor, Daniels in Indian, Walker in Wisconsin, and many many more. These guys give lip service to their religious affiliations, but what they’re really into is the economy. The money. The honey. How it’s made, where it goes, and how much of it government should be allowed to tax and spend. That’s their passion and it’s the right passion for the times. This isn’t a global recession by accident. We’re in the process of sorting out the future and as usual that process is open to the good, the bad, and the butt ugly. So where should conservatives fit in this scheme? Everywhere. We’re the only people on the planet talking about the money in the right context. Where it comes from, where it goes, and how to get out of its way most of the time and when to intervene when absolutely necessary.

The left, on the other hand, continues to loll along in lala land. Look at Greece and California and look no further. This is where liberalism ends, not in a bang, but with a clang. A penny hitting the bottom of an otherwise empty tin can.

Our public schools should teach economics from the early grades up. Those buildings aren’t there for the sole purpose of holding Gay and Straight Alliance Clubs. They’re there to teach young Americans the skills they need to survive in a rapidly changing world in which our preeminence is no longer something we can take for granted. If you want a Gay and Straight Alliance Club in your town or city, start your own. It’s a good org, it just doesn’t belong in a public schools that already can’t deliver a full academic spectrum. Plus, in a decade or less, all our public schools will be gone in favor of digital learning that can take place anywhere.

But above all, conservatives, it’s time to think Big Tent. We’re not all the same guy and gal here in this unsightly string of pup tents. I like my fellow conservatives, even the evangelicals who have a special place in my heart for all the ridicule they receive. But I often wonder if they like me. Or put differently, do they even want conservatives like me.

I’d consider being a libertarian, but it just sounds like too much work. Too many issues, so little time. Too much diligence, not enough fun.

So what do y’all at RedState think? Do you want conservatives like me who break all the old molds? Can I fit in your pup tent?