A Conversation about Obama vs. Gingrich's War of Words

This comes from a heated discussion with my email group that consists of righties and lefties. It’s appropos to the greater national discussion in which conservatives are often labelled racists and other lesser insults simply because they’re wary of Obama’s agenda. Even to the point at which liberals suggest that to criticize a person of color is automatic racism. Yet of course they feel free to go after those people of color who write for the right such as Thomas Sowell and Dinesh D’Souza free of such charges. In the original statement made to me, it was suggested that Americans are on the verge of behaving as a nation of racists in regard to Obama.

Okay, first of all, thanks for taking this one-on-one and being sober about it. As you can tell, the slightest hint of the word racism is going to set me off and I’ll not apologize for that.

That’s a tilted and very partisan perspective from (your friend) and gives zero credit to the average American, and even less to the average conservative.

I think the truth about Obama’s growing alienation from the American people is far simpler than (your friend) says. A majority of Americans have come to see Obama as a guy who in the most basic ways isn’t one of them. It’s not his fault; he had an unusual life, and inarguably a life as far as far can be from mainstream America. His life consisted of attending madrasses in Indonesia; hanging with (alleged) pedophiles and pot-smoking grandpa in Hawaii; an absent mother and a nonexistent father; placement in Ivy League Colleges as a sort of affirmative action prodigy, and mucho pandering to him by white liberals around him.

It’s not his fault that he had an unusual life; what is his fault is that he doesn’t seem to begin to know how to correct his disconnect from the American people, and in fact he seems to think that this perception is everybody else’s fault but his. That’s approaching some symptoms indicative of a personality disorder. According to the left, it’s not Obama’s fault that people can’t relate to him; it’s their fault that they don’t understand. Huh? Isn’t he supposed to be The One who is enlightening and as our president, understanding our needs? And isn’t one of our needs that of having him understanding our lives, our dreams, the dreams of our fathers, and our understanding of America and the privilege of being born here?

Did he ever work a lousy summer job? Play little league ball? I could probably throw a hundred more things like this in, and I’ll bet the answer is likely no for all of them. Again, not his fault, but people see the absence of these types of experiences expressed daily in his thinking and in his speeches and in his ideals as they find their way into legislation that Americans grow ever more concerned with.

Americans are intuitively aware of this, though not everyone has the language to express it. He is an outsider, by definition of his life story, and to suggest anything else is to be blinded by partisan hysteria. (Your friend) frankly should be embarrassed to put forth such a facile explanation.

And as of late, as Obama carps on and on about Boehner and Republicans in general, that opinion has started to spread throughout the country and to harden ever more against him. And as long as pundits like E.J. Dionne and Joe Klein and others keep egging him on to be more and more antagonistic and brutal toward conservatives, the worse it gets. This can’t be expressed with enough force: This constant drumbeat of vitriol that comes from the left and from this WH has done far more poisoning of the well than anything Gingrich has said or could say.

Now, let me stop here and give a little praise: last night O’Reilly played a clip of Obama talking to school kids about the struggles of his childhood with an absent family, no father, the loneliness of his biracial identity, etc., and O’Reilly gave Obama his stupid “patriot award” for his talk. But O’Reilly was right; it was a wonderful talk and had to go straight to the hearts of the children who had similarly troubled backgrounds. That Obama, I like a lot, but that’s not the one we’re seeing. We’re seeing a spoiled brat who tantrums when adults tell him no.

If you can find an instance of a president who presided during troubled times in the last 100 years and said such toxic things about the opposite party and signaled out certain individuals with such withering scorn as he’s done Boehner, I’d like to see it.  

Obama’s poisoned the well and it’s showing up in his polls and more recently in the ballot box and his inability to “change,” his inflexibility in general, will serve him even less well in the future.