Done with Dunn: Anita Is No Chaquita...

…she’s more like a rotten tomato.
Anita Dunn, the habitually dour former WH communications director, who attacks more often than she communicates, arrived on Morning Joe this A.M. spitting venom, licking it back up, and spitting it again.
Egged on by habitually unprofessional co-anchor, Mika Brzezinski (yes, that Brzezinski family), Dunn made it clear you don’t need another reason to distrust these people, as Dunn made sure you know that they distrust you, the average American. The more average you are, the greater the disdain. (But they’d be happy to serve as your proxy voice if you’d just consent to some tongue surgery as offered on pg. 9,999 of the ObamaCare Whopper Bill.)
Dunn accuses the right of intolerance because we apparently would like Muslims to consider our feelings for once, while making it beyond crystal clear that her intolerance extends to the entire United States. Pat Buchanan, coming in from the Morning Joe bullpen as a heat-throwing relief pitcher asked Dunn if she’d ever considered the intolerance of the Muslims and the left in general toward the toward 9/11 survivor families; toward the vast percent of New Yorkers who oppose it; and toward the vast majority of Americans who oppose it.  You guessed it; more spitting of her apparently endless supply of venom, none of it in English, but I’m sure the snakes understood.
According to Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson’s fine new website, Dunn said, that “The Republican party in solidifying its reputation for intolerance in this year, for almost any kind of difference in American society, is going down a very dangerous long term road…the American people are better than that.” 
But Dunn doesn’t really believe the American people are better than anything, including the legendary, if non-existant, ‘Moderate Muslim’ (an endangered species National Geographic has been trying to, without success, catch on camera for years).  Dunn, of “Mao is one of my favorite philosophers fame” apparently still goes to regular meetings at this scurrilous WH, though she was thrown under the bus by Obamageddon some time ago. Yet she remains loyal, though it’s more likely that’s because like most on the left, she’s running out of places to hide.

Repeatedly on the show, as reported in Daily Caller, Dunn attempted to reframe the mosque kerfuffle as an attack by the right on religious freedoms, and accused Republicans of “labeling all Muslims in this country as terrorists. The race to the bottom in the Republican party this year – whether it is around revisiting the 14th amendment, whether it’s around immigration, or whether it is around this now – the race to the bottom means 2012 could be very, very depressing to watch. It’s almost like the party decided to update itself as the Know-nothing version 2.0.”

Countering Dunn’s ‘bleak house’ view of America, another guest, a surprisingly critical Mark Halperin, an NBC News and Time Mag liberal, said O’Bummer handled it “horribly” on Friday and “horribly” again the next day.

Dunn then attempted the usual Obama sainthood appeal, that “…what the president was trying to (do was) take this argument to, I think to a much higher level.”

Begging the question: Higher than Dunn’s dismal opinion of Americans, or higher than Obama’s even lower one?

I saw the show in question this morning as I do most mornings before work. Joe S. of Morning Joe fame, it strikes me, arbitrarily picks left-leaning issues such as this to keep up his bona fides as an objective and fair conservative…which is fine, since he treads a fine line on uber-left MSNBC. But he bought a bad horse on this one, as MosqueGate appears to have the potential to leapfrog the usual gotcha stuff and become a big time issue. Why? Who knows? Perhaps Americans have reached their limit with the number of outrageous positions, proposals, and policies Obamageddon and his draggy-butt Ds have tried to shove down our throats. Or perhaps it’s the lack of emotional connection O’Blivion and the Rockin’ Ds have to the common American, tenuous and threadbare already, which has now finally separated beyond repair.

And to that I say who knows and who cares!

Dunn was lathered in the usual self-righteousness as she spat her venom this morning, all of it completely out of step with reality as most Americans see it. My take is that we should welcome these fiercely bloodless intellectuals who have no real grounded intelligence behind their ego-driven bursts, because nobody makes a better point that this president and this congress are dangerously off beat in the most perilous of times. Nooooobody!

All we have to do is find a good seat, kick back, and watch these toothless vampires tear each other to shreds. Great fun for free.

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