Don't Listen To Liberals, Fathers Are Important

There’s a war on men, been a war on men. There’s been a war on men going on as long as there’s been a war on women going on in popular culture. Actually, pop culture’s war on women gets dismissed and ignored as much as pop culture’s war on men. But believe me you my dude, there is without a doubt a concerted effort on the part of liberals in every arena of our society to marginalize the role and importance of the father figure when it comes to families, young boys, and even young girls.

There hasn’t been a song about fathers period since Will Smith’s “Just the Two of Us” came out in the mid 1990’s. Since that time let’s see, we’ve been fed commercial, television show, and movie with a narrative that depicts men as dumb and completely useless without “mom” running to show him how to do things the right way. I know women hold you down but come on, stop portraying dads as dumb cavemen who don’t even know how to cook dinner or change diapers without the woman coming up behind him to make sure he’s putting the pamper on the right way.

Let’s tell the real story: Mom dukes can’t teach you how to be a man, only your dad can. Your mom can’t give the kind of wisdom and teaching to her son or sons that a father can give them as they develop and grow into men in a world that is complicated enough; having to face these complications without a father is doubly tough.

When my father died in 2002 I was fifteen. I lived sort of a double edged life because my dad was in my life long enough to give my brother and I quality advice that helped us become responsible black men in 2014. Men with jobs, men who wear their pants the way a man should, and not around his ankles like he’s trying to get something stuck up his butt (get me?). I’m not saying black boys who come from single mother homes can’t get jobs or sag their pants, I’m simply saying I was blessed to have fifteen years of my life with my father being there for me and being a good father. My dad taught us how to take care of ourselves, how to treat women, how to think for ourselves and what priorities in life are most important.

When he died, though I went through a rebellious streak where I was just angry and wildin’, I never lost those words of wisdom and advice because my dad instilled them in me at an early age, so when I finally decided to get my act together I didn’t have to go searching for advice from the men who ran the streets; something most young black boys resort to in our inner cities.

I had an example of manhood for fifteen years living under the same roof, a man who woke up at 5 in the morning everyday with blue prints, a pencil, and a protractor. A man who used his mind and his words to succeed in life. I learned the value of hard work from my father who worked as a construction foreman later on in his 53 years on this earth. Before that he owned his own construction company.

Lastly, fatherhood is important because our Heavenly Father laid the foundation for the role of the father as the “head” of the family. The father is the protector, the covering for the mother, he is to raise the son and discipline him so that he may not stray from those teachings later in life, he is to encourage his daughter, giving her words that make her feel a sense of worth and appreciation. The first man who will ever tell a young woman he loves her is her father. It’s no accident God created man first, and if that sounds sexist deep throat a bottle of Haterade because that’s exactly what happened, God made Adam before Eve.

The role of man is one God uniquely created and that’s not to say women and mothers have no importance in society, but to say men aren’t useless cavemen.

To the anti-Christ left: Men aren’t the family dog, they’re the head of the family.

I don’t understand it black, even when two dykes are together one acts like a man.

Why that feminist chick in your Political Science class hate dudes but she dress like one?

Many true to the word Christians (Christians who follow the bible instead of made up watered down doctrine) believe the war on men is a front in a larger war on God, the family (the real family, as in a husband and a wife and kids), and the biblical institution of marriage. I tend to agree with that.

Happy Father’s Day


El Fantasma