Michael Sam, Don Jones, and the Enemies of Free Speech

I don’t understand something about the mind of modern American liberals. For them the limits of free speech are endless, from mocking Christ, the most disrespectful jokes about conservative females, to the most vile comments about Christians, Republicans, straight white males between 45-55, and everyone in between their crosshairs; the line simply isn’t there in terms of what can be and can’t be said when it comes to being tasteless and downright mean.

In comes Miami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones and his tweet, his tweet which represents a snapshot of what he’s thinking at a particular moment; get it?

When we talk we usually say what we’re thinking, sometimes we don’t. Jones was fined and suspended from team activities for what are being called “anti-Michael Sam” tweets in which he tweeted “horrible” in response to videos of Sam kissing his partner in celebration of being drafted by the Saint Louis Rams.

Sidebar, whether he’s gay, straight, or he likes to bang animals and stick his jimmy in a Hoover vac, Michael Sam was drafted exactly where his talent projected him to be drafted which was the 7th round. We’re not talking about a likely perennial All Pro who will go on to become a member an NFL All Decade team. He’s not a once in a generation talent like Jadaveon Clowney and Khalil Mack. I’m not trying to downgrade him as a player, but simply trying to use his talent level to make a very crucial point in all of this.

Michael Sam was drafted solely on the fact that he was the first openly gay football player to enter the NFL draft. If he were straight I happen to believe he wouldn’t been drafted by the Rams in any round much less the seventh but that’s my opinion.

For Don Jones it’s just another example of a very concerning trend we’re seeing in of all places the sports world where free speech and expression are being frowned upon, discouraged, marginalized, and penalized because a powerful minority joined alliance with those who not only believe in their agenda but also have one of their own. The homosexual agenda and it’s partner in crime called the “Tolerance Movement” are perfect for each other. Each seek the ultimate goal of silencing once and for all those who are in direct opposition of what they stand for. For homosexuals it’s Christians in the public arena who have a platform to disagree, no matter how civilized and without provocation their disagreement is, the fact that they disagree is provocation enough.

The so called “Tolerance Movement” is aimed at a totalitarian like crackdown of everyone who challenges the notion of tolerance according to modern progressives. Which is to say: “Tolerance for what we believe in, intolerance for what you believe in, and don’t you dare oppose what we believe or else”

It’s quite sad to me how liberals, the one time champions of expression and being free to quote, “do and say what you want” have suddenly and so comfortably embraced the role of the overseer. The ones who oversee all that we do and say and according to their standards try to pick and choose what we can say and what we can do. That means of course the rules don’t apply to the overseer, only the ones being held underneath the hand.

We are to live by their standards, their vision, and their ultimate goal of a completely politically correct society based on tolerance based on intolerance, freedom based on political, societal, and cultural captivity, and the idea that words hurt, so they must be chosen for us, people have feelings so they too must be regulated, and that some people deserve promotion, protection, and favor above others because justice and fairness.

Don Jones gets punished and ordered to participate in education training for what he tweeted in the privacy of his own phone, or home, while on his phone, or maybe his computer at home. The only training a football player should have to focus on is training camp, pimp.

This ain’t a good look for you NFL, which is why I haven’t been remotely interested in your product for a little over a decade….and counting.

He thought the kiss between Sam and his partner was gross; I’m sure he’s not the only one. You know there are a lot of people out there who don’t agree with two men locking lips, they’re called Christians and they are a plenty boss.

I call bullsh*t, as in I say we get a bull to sh*t on the idea of the NFL punishing a guy for tweeting which he has a right to do; oh wait.


El Fantasma