I'm Not A Fan of Free Flowing Money In Politics

Perhaps I’m being a bit facetious but on a serious note I’m not a big fan of free flowing money in politics. I’m not naive when it comes to the American political class and the system in place that not only condones the huge spin cycle process of moneyed interests in Washington but the system celebrates the idea that essentially politicians can be bought by the highest bidder. The Koch brothers aren’t my enemy in the sense that I find them no more influential than George Soros, Warren Buffet, Harvey Weinstein or Jay-Z. It’s just, I suppose one cannot condemn the flow of powerful money without condemning it on both sides.

I don’t believe the Koch brothers are two evil Lex Luthor types who want to increase their own selfish power within the political establishment. If so, you must say the same certainly as it pertains to George Soros; a much more realistic portrayal or a big money movie villain than the brothers Koch.

The only difference between Soros and the Koch brothers is that Soros is fully protected by the left and the left’s media machine that is funded by Soros along with countless progressive groups and Democrats running for and already serving public office.

George Soros is the bigger threat to those who love civilized liberty and moral constitutional government, for it is Soros who is intent on upending the order of America’s founding; that he has made crystal clear.

If I had my way I would install means to not so much eliminate the amount of money in politics but to at least find ways to reign in the process. I believe it’s something that could further corrupt and destabilize our political system but I’m not willing to go as far as to support the idea of someone being told how much to donor or what have you.

I just have value in the organic meaning of our system, and to me the suits holding the purse strings have gained a lot more influence in the way laws are created and implemented than you and I ever have.

I’m not a fan of that yellow cough syrup my mom made me take when I was sick as a young child, but I’m not looking to create a campaign to ban gross yellow cough syrup.

I just hope we can stop celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling on campaign finance long enough to really consider the dangers of too much money tied to those whose influence can be a doubled edged sword.

The back room deals are tied to money, the reason your Congressman and or Senator voted the way you would have preferred they didn’t, is ultimately tied to someone somewhere with a lot of money.

And well as they say money talks and bull walks.

Just keep in mind this means George Soros can pump as much money as he so chooses into causes and politicians that could very well change this nation’s makeup for the worst.


Cash Rules Everything Around Me

Cream, get the money

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