Ban Bossy, But Apparently Other B Words Are Okay

There are some pretty powerful women out there that want to ban the word “bossy” as it pertains to women and girls who have a take charge attitude. To these women in power, the word is yet another sexist attack on the female species; darn it they aren’t going to take it anymore that’s for sure. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg started the “Ban Bossy” campaign as a way for women and girls everywhere to take back such a sexist word and instead use it as a badge of honor, one with power and something to be proud of. Fine, if you want to do that then have fun with it.

However, I’m not one to support the idea of banning words from being spoken. When it comes using the word “N*gger” I’m not in favor of the every so often movement that comes along within the black community to ban the use of that word, I don’t like the word, I encourage my people to stop using that word in communication with each other, but I can’t see myself taking up a campaign to ban that word. You just can’t ban words like you’re banning the use of a deadly chemical once apart of the ingredient to make a food product. I mean banning high fructose corn syrup is a bit more reasonable than banning words outright.

What gets me about the feminists in today’s culture is that for all their yelping about the word “bossy”, rarely if ever do you hear the same outrage over other words that start with “B”. You know, those words used to describe women in the most degrading way a man could ever describe a woman?

It’s funny Beyonce took up the Ban Bossy flag, seeing as that her husband rap mogul Jay-Z by all accounts has likely used the other B-word in his entire discography more than one thousand times; give or take.

But why let facts and hypocrisy get in the way of selective outrage and phony elitist feminist hurt feelings?

So you want to ban the word “bossy” but women are still called b*tches, broads, hoes, sluts, whores, treated like sexual toys, objectified by the mainstream media, and viewed by male young and old, white and black as nothing more than throwaway products in our throwaway society.

I love how the adult film actresses consider themselves feminists and feminists don’t go after the adult film industry the same way they seem to almost always target conservative and Republican groups and elected officials.

I’m sure some porn director with dirt under his fingernails and a douche soul patch is a lot more sexist than some old white crusty Republican Senator from whatever state.

I would like to hear Sheryl Sandberg’s take on Miley Cyrus and her ultra sexualized, twerking phase that I’m guessing has a much more negative effect on young women than if you were to call those young women bossy three hundred thousand times a day until they’re thirty five.

Kate Upton selling her body and her sexuality for fame and recognition can’t be a good thing, but it’s cool just as long as you don’t call her bossy. You can call her other things that are far more degrading to women, but not bossy.

The long winded argument from the new age feminist has been “women expressing their sexuality is such a feminist thing to do”, no, women having a sense of value and worth about their sexuality therefore not appeasing the lowest common denominator by acting out their sexuality in public but displaying beauty without cheapening or devaluing said beauty, is such a feminist thing to do.

All men with soul patches are tools



El Fantasma