Barack and Michelle Obama: The Most Caring Uncaring People You Know

We’re so blessed to have a president and First Lady who care about us so much. So much so they do such caring and thoughtful things like creating a government healthcare system that doesn’t work and a website for that government run healthcare system that crashes. Not to mention the First Lady’s government centered push to force I mean encourage schools to offer more healthy choices for students during lunchtime. Mrs. Obama is our mother after all, I call her Iron Mama.

Yes, the Lord has truly blessed us with parents such as Mr. and Mrs. Obama who care so much about our well being and yet, are so uncaring about our well being. How can they possibly be both all at the same time?

Well, on one hand Mrs. Obama pushes for more healthier choices at lunch for students across America and yet we hardly, if ever hear her push for free lunch. Yes, I’m in favor of free lunches for students. Not because I’m a secret Muslim socialist from Kenya by way of Chicago and Hawaii, but because as someone whose mother works for a school district I hear stories of economically disadvantaged students, most of whom are black, going without a basic meal during lunch time because they simply cannot afford it.

If Mrs. Obama has pushed for free lunches and it just escaped my knowledge, I apologize; but so far all I’ve heard from her is this desire to control what kids eat for lunch, instead of making sure every kid is able to eat something for lunch. Now which is more important? I say both, because making it possible for kids to eat something particularly for those kids who cannot afford to eat lunch is winning the battle in my eyes.

It doesn’t matter if you have nachos and Sprite for lunch or an apple and some milk, as long as that child can go back to class with a full stomach I’m all for it.

My sister and I talked about this very topic as she, like my mom works for the Ferguson-Florissant school district here in Saint Louis. She said Michelle Obama doesn’t push as hard for free lunch as she does for her version and guidelines for healthier lunches because it’s about the agenda and not the kids.

Once again kids are being exploited for an agenda that has nothing to do with their well being.

President Obama likes to champion himself as someone who stands up for the educational well being of children, yet during his presidency the access to charter schools for young black youth looking for a second chance in their education has decreased. He’s limited the number of school vouchers available to black children in the Washington D.C. area. How can the most caring president to ever sit in the Oval Office be so narrow minded when it comes to educating black kids who are in large part negatively affected by things such as schools losing accreditation and DESEG programs?

God bless the more stable and majority white school districts who open their doors to black students from failing districts outside the area, but I would assume many of these black students who prefer not to take 30 minute to an hour car and bus rides to school districts that in all reality do not want them there in the first place. Where is the president on the issue with the Normandy and Riverview School districts here in Saint Louis losing their accreditation and those students sort of stuck in limbo beyond this school year? Is Common Core more important than those students having a place to learn?

They care but with strings attached and that’s what disappoints me the most. There’s always some hidden agenda with our President and First Lady. I know they aren’t the first but gee wouldn’t you like a President and First Lady who simply do things because its the right thing to do, and not because they push for a larger agenda or having something to gain from it?

Why do they say they care about the black community and yet are silent on the violence taking place in Chicago and other inner cities across America?

Why do they tell us they care about children yet they both support radical forms of abortion and in the case of President Obama have openly supported infanticide?

You can line up as many prop children behind you as you make speeches and sign executive orders as you like Mr. Obama but that’s all they are to you, props for the masquerade, that is called your entire presidency.



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Romans 8:28

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