Ted Nugent, Not Greg Abbott Was In The Wrong

But….Rick Perry made a valid point often, well not often but constantly dismissed and avoided by the media: Does the Democrat Party ever distance themselves from the Hollywood and music industry voices giving support to their candidates? Does President Obama endorse the violent, sexist, and evil lyrics of his many supporters and donors within the hip hop community? What’s worse, calling the president a communist bred subhuman mongrel or without hesitation or reflection referring to women as sluts, hoes, b*tches, and tricks? Answer: Both are uncalled for and extremely offensive. I can’t and won’t excuse the words of Ted Nugent, aside from Damn Yankees, his music isn’t all that good in my view; or at least I only liked High Enough by Damn Yankees but I’m not a Nugent fan otherwise. Henry Rollins has said things that have offended many people, I like Rollins Band and Black Flag.

Rick Perry also brought to the attention of Wolf Blitzer that Bill Maher has never had to retract statements nor has any Democrat candidates, namely president Obama have been called on to give back donations or distance themselves from Maher when he spouts sexist jabs at conservative women, Sarah Palin in particular.

The reason being? The media and Democrats both share this desire to be linked with the celebratocracy in Hollywood and in New York. They long to be associated with their fame, their so called “brilliance”, their influence on our increasingly wicked culture, their money, and their elitist society. The media will never denounce celebrities who vomit rubbish in its most disgusting form because they would never denounce something they worship and want so desperately to belong to.

But more important than the unwise and idiotic words spoken by Ted Nugent, is the real reason why the media is trying to tie him around the neck of every Republican from Texas or remotely related to anything having to do with Texas Republican politics: Greg Abbot was “clean” in political terms about a week ago, while Wendy Davis was caught in a lie over her biography, something that was hurting her campaign. Now the media has something (I guess?) they can stick to Abbot and create (manufacture) a controversy. Now Davis doesn’t seem so bad, I mean Greg Abbot thinks president Obama is a communist subhuman mongrel….oh wait.

They want Davis to win so bad it’s almost comical if it weren’t so annoying how the media is trumping up the moronic words of an overrated guitarist into some controversial non controversy.

And conservatives, look you don’t have to support a conservative just because they’re conservative. Sometimes stupid people are just stupid regardless of the fact that you might share their ideological views.

C’mon that’s so “Murica” of us to support Ted Nugent and other conservatives who have a habit of embarrassing conservatism. I can’t stand and defend Nugent just because I may have a level of disgust for the liberal media. I have to set my bias aside and call a spade a dumb spade.



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