So Now We're Supposed To Kiss Chris Christie's Butt?

It’s interesting the reaction of the establishment whenever one of their guys or gals pull in a victory. No one is trying to explain away Chris Christie’s one sided shellacking of Democrat challenger Barbara Buono as some insignificant thing. Let’s be honest, Christie beat Buono’s a** to sleep. Christie’s win over Buono makes Floyd Mayweather’s recent victories look like close split decisions. Even those who aren’t running to kiss the doughnut ring on Christie’s finger aren’t foolish enough to dismiss his wide points victory on Tuesday.

However, what they won’t do is get in line with three years left until the next go round. 2016 isn’t even close to being upon us until we’ve cleared the fall of 2014; and even then we have to get through 2015 first. Yet the establishment types led by the Chris Christie fan club aka Morning Joe, would like for every conservative to shut up, congratulate him, and get in line because according to their own personal groupie affection for Christie; he’s the undisputed front runner in 2016. So we should just kiss his butt and support him because only Chris Christie can’t beat Hillary Clinton.

Never mind the fact that Barbara Buono was a dead candidate, never mind the fact that Christie should thank President Obama and Hurricane Sandy for this reelection win. Let’s be honest, why else would Christie go out of his way to show some love for Mr. Obama over Mitt Romney? You know Mitt Romney, the nominee of his party….the party Chris Christie calls himself a member of.

I have always been of the mind that Christie is an opportunist and nothing more. That he’s more Charlie Christ than Ronald Reagan. I don’t care how butt hurt Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace get whenever someone says Christie isn’t a real conservative; he’s not a real conservative in the slightest.

Their reasoning as to why Christie is a real conservative annoys the crap outta me too. Okay so he’s an a**hole to teachers in New Jersey and so that makes him a conservative? If that’s the definition of a conservative according to Nicole Wallace and Joe Scarborough then I must be a hard left bleeding heart because I don’t trust Wall Street.

Just because Christie yells at teachers and then posts the videos  to his YouTube page doesn’t mean he’s a conservative. It just means he’s an attention seeking, self serving jerk off who doesn’t know how to talk to women.

So, Ted Cruz comparing Obamacare to slavery is an a**hole move, but an a**hole being an a**hole to a bunch of teachers is “telling the people what they want to hear”. Christie is “showing leadership” when he gets in folks’ face at town hall meetings and points that Twinkie sized index finger at them while one of his aides records it and posts it on YouTube two hours later.

Oh yeah yeah, Ted Cruz is definitely out for himself when he gives a speech on Obamacare and shuts down the government. He definitely wants to be president one day. Chris Christie whoring himself politically for President Obama despite handicapping the nominee of his own party in the process…nah that’s just Christie showing that he’s a strong leader and a bipartisan politician.

Yes, cluster f*cking the nominee of your own party the day of the election when he’s already behind is such a great example of leadership on Christie’s part. Do me a favor, but don’t do me any favors. In fact, you Chris Christie strike me as a man that can’t be trusted.

And I like how Christie didn’t want Romney to show up with aid because he didn’t want it to be a political matter…..that is, he expressed this view after taking photos with President Obama at a press conference in which he praised the president’s leadership.

I don’t minimize what Chris Christie has done in blue state New Jersey. Ah yes blue state New Jersey we’re constantly reminded by Rinos how important it is that we have a two term Republican governor in a blue state. But I wonder how supportive the residents in coveted blue state New Jerksey would be if their dear rotund governor had to compete with Hillary Clinton in that state for votes.

It’s one thing to be a likable Republican governor in a blue state, it’s another issue to be an a**hole Republican governor in a blue state. I just find it difficult to square to square Ted Cruz and Mike Lee being the face of the new a**hole in 2013 when Chris Christie’s been the face, double chin, shortness of breath, and waist line of the new a**hole in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

No no a**hole Christopher, not doughnut hole; stay focused there pal.




El Fantasma