When Arrogance Rules A Nation: Betrayal

The Tea Party aren’t without their flaws, make no mistake about that. They botched the showdown with President Obama and were directly responsible for a government shutdown that didn’t have to happen. I’ve never considered myself an official member of the Tea Party but I’ve always thought of myself as someone who is sympathetic to their agenda and I have usually backed Tea Party candidates; albeit the right kind of Tea Party candidate. The likes of Sharon Angle, Christine O’Donnell and others who simply were not good candidates is something I was willing to accept, it happens in politics. There are good candidates who are real conservatives and there are bad candidates who are real conservatives. Just because the bad candidate is a real conservative doesn’t mean we should support them. If it were a choice between Mike Lee and Sharon Angle or a Christine O’Donnell I’m going with Mike Lee because he’s not only a real conservative like those two women, he’s a really good candidate unlike those two women unfortunately.

However my beef isn’t nor has ever been with the Tea Party per say, despite my reservations about some of the candidates they have fielded in past election cycles. My concern, which has grown considerably is for the future of the Tea Party. It seems the establishment have finally grown tired of the movement and are openly seeking its eradication by any means necessary. By any means as such to where they would privately and in the case of Utah openly float the idea of supporting “moderate” Democrats in races where a Tea Party candidate is either running for office for the first time or trying to win reelection.

As I mentioned yesterday establishment Republicans in Utah are looking to dethrone Mike Lee through primary challenge or supporting a centrist Democrat in the general. Now I think Mike Lee hangs on because he’s probably the best Senator Republicans have going at the moment. As much as I like Ted Cruz I believe Mike Lee has a more realistic and less treacherous path to the White House as a real conservative than Ted Cruz. Mike Lee I’ve always felt comes off as more would be presidential nominee material with a great chance of winning a general election than a majority of the conservative candidates out there.

These blatant acts of betrayal have left me confused. When conservatives primary establishment Senators, governors, and congressmen they’re committing acts of betrayal and they’re sabotaging the party. Yet when the establishment does the same thing all the sudden it’s seen as a heroic attempt to save the party from wacko right wingers.

Now I know nothing in this world is truly fair or justified, but this is such a disgusting act of hypocrisy I couldn’t help but to shake my head when reading articles on various news sites about the establishment’s plan to take down any candidate aligned with the Tea Party, be it directly or indirectly.

So winning is their bottom line. Gosh, spoken like true suit and tie lifers. From the Chamber of Commerce to the country club white breads who can’t see beyond the boardroom or the golf course; they’ve pledged an allegiance to Party over principles.

They tell us Republicans are losing support among the business community. I say let them walk and have them find out just how much Democrats and the far left who have taken control of that party are willing to embrace the private sector. These numb nut yuppies can’t be that stupid right?

Do they not understand what happens when you get in bed with your enemy? Your enemy winds up destroying you because they hold no loyalty to you or your agenda. If the business community after what Mr. Obama has tried to do thus far with the ACA and other big government regulatory measures believe suddenly Democrats and the far far left wing will extend a hand in partnership then I have a bridge to nowhere and a highway to straight to hell I want to sell them.

Their antipathy toward the Tea Party is nothing more than a reaction to the shake up back in 2010. The Tea Party didn’t just oust left wing and moderate Democrats who voted for the Affordable Care Act, they also took out moderate Republicans who surrendered during the battle. That has never sat well with the Karl Roves of the world and the establishment who no matter what believe winning is more important than being principled. Of course, they aren’t smart enough to realize you can be a principled winner, but we’re talking about a bunch of middle aged white guys who suck down cock…..tails and work cigar parlors inside the Beltway for a living.

Apparently the message  in 2010 wasn’t nearly as loud or clear enough for these circle jerk establishment monkeys. Apparently the defeat in 2012 where an establishment moderate candidate for president lost to a weak incumbent president during an economic slowdown wasn’t loud or clear enough for these butt pirates sailing the high seas of feces on meat ships.

The Tea Party I assume won’t take this lying down. I suspect we’ll see one side give and the other side doing all the breaking of the other side. Time will tell if the Tea Party was just a blip flexing its beer muscles or if this is truly a lasting movement looking to end the long vomit inducing reign of the Republican establishment.


Meet. Betrayal. With. Bullets.



El Fantasma