Utah Has Got It All Wrong About Mike Lee

Mike Lee is an undeserving victim of the government shut down backlash. His poll numbers in Utah right now aren’t the type of numbers you want to brag about if you’re the talented young conservative Senator. In fact, Lee will likely face a storm when he runs for reelection in three years. There are powerful players out in the beehive state who want to give Mike Lee the “big payback”. No not for his conservative principles in terms of him standing for something they believe in; but for his conservative principles in terms of what those who want payback see as an unnecessary roadblock that prevented the establishment in Washington from doing what the establishment does so well time and time again: Surrender.

The money men in Utah are ready, willing, and able to cash bomb the Senator in hopes of replacing him with a candidate who will do their bidding in our nation’s capital. The establishment voices out in Utah claim their support for Lee was once genuine and only started to wane after he linked up with Ted Cruz and “took the government hostage”; their words not mine.

However, if you supported Mike Lee for his principles which I would assume you share,  there should be no reason to then turn around and seek his defeat when he runs for another term. To support Mike Lee is to understand his conservatism, which is not of the chaotic kind which you claim, but of the constitutional variety which I mind has no boundary line for conservatism. There is nothing in the constitution or any other founding document that says politicians, especially conservative ones mustn’t shut down the government or support thereof.

I don’t believe the founders would have turned on each other over a government shut down. In fact, I believe the founders would have stood side by side with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee; not the noodle legged establishment types who just want to survive the round, instead of trying to win the round. The mentality of the establishment is to win elections and make money, surrender where need be and survive until the next election cycle.

What this current blob of pus and puss called the Republican Party represents is something far worse and far more detrimental than what Mike Lee has ever done.

So you suit and tie circle jerks can target Senator Lee via primary challenge with a no balls and no spine establishment created puppet, or as some have suggested support a “moderate” Democrat candidate in a general election but those results would only backfire. Mike Lee is your enemy but he’s also the most reliable person to keep Utah values first and foremost when it comes to his duty as a Senator.

Utah is a conservative state, just ask the real conservatives like Lee, the phonies like John Huntsman and others who run for office claiming to be conservatives, and the Democrats whose liberalism is held in check by the conservatism of the voters.

At the end of the day Mike Lee is safe when his time for reelection comes. But it just gives us more proof that for the establishment they’ve made conservatives who have supported them in the past, conservatives they need to win elections the opposition instead of the liberals who seek the destruction of both the establishment and conservative wing of the party.

Moderates have proven they can’t even lose close elections without conservatives coming to the rescue in terms of donations and voting. So how exactly do they expect to win without us? Independents? Don’t make me f*cking laugh.



El Fantasma