The President Lied About Your Health Insurance, Among Other Things

Did President Obama lie when he consistently said Americans who already have health insurance can keep their plans despite the implementation of the ACA? Did the president lie when he, like a broken record said his health care law wouldn’t raise premiums or harm one hair on the chinny chin chin of those who had private health insurance before this whole debacle took shape? Remember, he began this effort of reassurance in 2009-2010; so by my count if it has been revealed that many, well a lot of Americans will not keep and have lost their health insurance, Mr. Obama’s been lying for the past three and a half years.

However, the president has been lying about a lot of things for who knows how long.

Lying is bad, very bad. It is something our Heavenly Father commands we not do. Let’s read what Proverbs says about lying:

 “Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord: but they that deal truly are his delight.”– Proverbs 12:22

President Obama, I have noticed has a truly dismissive view of the truth. I mean he has a dismissive view of Biblical truth as well in my view but that’s another topic for some other time. What I’m talking about is this mode the president is in where he will lie as though he were breathing. That’s to say, his dishonesty is like breathing or waking up in the morning; just something he does and really doesn’t give second thought to because it’s second nature.

I would be apt to believe our president was as disconnect from his own reality as the head of his administration when it came to the recent run of scandals if I weren’t so in tuned to how disconnected our president is t the truth when it comes to how disconnected he is from the reality of his own administration when it comes to scandals. No president is that blind, none are so naive to something they deal with every hour of every day. Suddenly we’re to afford him the benefit of the doubt, because why?

Tell me, any liberal who might read this, tell me why he’s absent minded at best when it comes to the scandals, which would make him the smartest absent minded man in history to become president. Or better yet give me the truth about how he knew all along what’s been going on because he either gave the go ahead on these scandals directly or was kept up to speed behind closed doors.

We’ve been dealing with this narrative since he was sworn in on January 2009. The media and the left says: “He’s the smartest man to ever capture the presidency” Then when things don’t go according to plan, they say “Oh well, he can’t be responsible for this because he didn’t know any better”.  Oh, so he’s part of some program where mentally challenged politicians can be president as a way to improve certain skills in order to function better in society? No, Mr. Obama isn’t a teenager with down syndrome working at Wendy’s who mistakenly put the french fries in dirty oil instead of the new oil.

We excuse and rightfully so those in society who are truly unable to make decisions because they lack the mental capacity or certain comprehension skills needed to make the right choice. I don’t give my president a “He didn’t know” pass for scandals, I would however give a mentally handicapped teenager or adult a pass because they understandably didn’t know better.

At some point we have to conclude what has been concluded for a long time now: Mr. Obama lied about Americans being able to keep their insurance under the ACA, and you know what? He’s lied about a lot of things and you know what else? He’ll lie about a lot more things before his time in office has come to an end.

Politicians lie, regardless of party; but President Obama sold himself as one who would rescue an entire floor from a burning apartment not one who would ever lie to us. God is not a man that he should lie; at least we know Mr. Obama isn’t God.

I’ve never been a fan of Nine Inch Nails but, Terrible Lie

That is all.



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