What's the Gameplan Tea Party?

I’m not going to lie, things don’t look the most optimistic for Republicans on a lot of levels. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ll never lie to you. If Democrats play this government shutdown card like we know liberals and Democrats to play any political card, things aren’t going to be so smooth for the Tea Party or the candidates they support.

How do you square it?

I could see Democrats running on a blame Republican platform in 2014 and it being successful. To deny the success of such a strategy is nonsense, it will be successful. The question is how successful and can Republicans counter this obvious point of attack?

Will Wendy Davis sweep into the governor’s mansion in Texas by tying Republican Greg Abbott to the woes of national Republicans and the shutdown? Terry McAuliffe is a pretty slimy dude, but he’s probably going to be the next governor of Virginia not because of Ken Cuccinelli but because of Ken Cuccinelli being a Republican, which is akin to having a scarlet letter tattooed across your forehead. In a perfect world voters would be smart enough to take time and really figure out who Mr. McAuliffe is and who he’s tied to. He’s tied to the most self serving, self centered, dishonest, double talking, politically manipulative tumor in the history of American politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton. And unfortunately for Ken Cuccinelli who is a good man and a more honorable man than Terry McAuliffe, being a Republican somehow is more vile than being remotely affiliated with the Clintons. And Terry M is darn near incestuous with those vampires.

My concern is Republicans will lose seats and governor’s races they were less likely to lose back in August. There was no way in the hottest of hot Hells that Wendy Davis had a chance at beating Greg Abbott; the government shutdown and a lack of a coherent game plan might have very well changed all of that.

Perhaps there is something to be said about strategizing based on anger and not strategy. I’m a student of boxing and I value the art of the game plan. You cannot have a successful boxing career and not have a game plan; in my humble view. Floyd Mayweather has all the talent in the world but his undefeated record that spans almost 20 years is due in large part from the fact that he has a game plan on how to box his opponent.

The Tea Party had no game plan other than they despise the ACA and it’s creator President Obama. But hatred alone cannot replace the fundamental duties of governing; just ask the left.

I support Ted Cruz and Mike Lee but I often wonder post shutdown if this was even worth it. It’s one thing to surrender, which many establishment Republicans were wanting to do in the first place; they’re all pussies. But you know hair brain impulse objection and protest aren’t very good tactics either. It’s clear Ted Cruz and these guys put principle over party and that’s all well and good; but you have to think through your moment in order to extend it.

So what’s the game plan Tea Party? Where is this movement in 2013? It went from a serious counter to a very dangerous law (Obamacare) to this borderline renegade block where all they know is war. However the Tea Party must understand that in war strategies are essential. We went into this war following a great leader in Ted Cruz but we forgot to make sure our leader knew exactly what he was doing and how he wanted to do it that would deliver a victory for conservatism.

Whether you dismiss the political fallout from the shutdown falling squarely on the shoulders of Republicans are biased polling, or if you share in my concern, something must be done to right the rightward ship from drifting into the whirlpool.

We have two competing extremes going on: One side wants to surrender on all fronts and the other side wants to fight without reason. That’s the dilemma facing the GOP going forward. Do we follow the model of establishment voices and just let Democrats destroy the country in hopes the voters will be fed up and not vote for a another historic candidate in Hillary Clinton or do we follow a band of warriors who have the right intentions but often times let their boiling blood and sharp blades lead them in place of their reason and minds.



El Fantasma