Ted Cruz Still Doesn't Give A [Edit]

Ted Cruz isn’t without criticism, no man is. However Ted Cruz isn’t without admiration, for those who assume he is a man that should be criticized completely are missing the point of Ted Cruz having been elected in the first place.

Let it be known: Ted Cruz still doesn’t give a [edit]. No matter how many times the Morning Joe panel mock him and prop up Chris Christie, Ted Cruz doesn’t care. I suppose the most frustrating thing about Cruz in the eyes of many establishment cocktail Republicans like Joe Scarborough is the fact that Senator Cruz doesn’t really care what they think. He pays them no mind because he’s too busy having things to do; important things.

In the rap game emcees have a way of knowing which one of their rival lyricists are doing well and which aren’t. If another rapper goes out of their way to come at you for no reason it’s said to be a sign that particular rapper isn’t doing so hot record sales wise. So he has to go after a hot rapper who is selling records in order to hopefully snatch some shine and boost his failing career.

The same goes for the likes of Scarborough who is known for attacking influential conservatives like Glen Beck and Sarah Palin because of their popularity and influence. Scarborough himself is a relative failure when it comes to what he’s contributed to the conservative movement; which amounts to very little if any important contributions. He was a low level Congressman from Florida in the early 1990’s, he left Congress and tried his hand at television punditry with the failed “Scarborough Country”, then he ventured into radio and that failed (by the way his radio show is still on “hiatus”), he wrote a couple of books which never cracked top on the best seller’s lists, and his current en devour “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, while a mainstay for the network is still one of the lowest rated and least watched shows on television.

Contrast that with someone like Sarah Palin whom Scarborough has long been a critic, Mrs. Palin knows she can afford to bow in and out of the limelight because her influence is essentially etched in stone within the broader conservative movement. You see truly relevant and influential figures can decide to fall back whenever they want and still have the same impact upon their return.

Ted Cruz is a smart man because he’s cementing his legacy within the movement as one of its most courageous leaders. Is a 13% approval rating among non-Tea Party Republicans such a bad omen when you have nearly 60% approval among Tea Party Republicans, in a party that is now majority Tea Party or at least Tea Party sympathetic?

The Republicans who hate on Ted Cruz don’t hate Ted Cruz the man or the Senator, they hate Ted Cruz the leader because he has garnered more influence and more impact as a freshman Senator than a lot of these old crusty dudes like McCain who never could rally a large support base around him because McCain stands for jack sh*t and he ain’t really about jack sh*t when it comes to real issues.

Ted Cruz has an issue that defines him and that’s very important. Even if his efforts are for not, at least we know he stood and fought against something that was real, that was visible, and identifiable to the public at large.

The establishment stands for the party, Cruz and others like him stand for the principles. Principles define the party, party alone does not define what a party is because party in itself is not a platform.

Its as if the Rhinos simply do not understand how long conservatives have been searching for their hero. Not of a Christ like make up because no one is Christ, but of a flawed yet perfectly qualified description. Ted Cruz is a flawed man like any other man but he’s a hero because he isn’t afraid to take on the mighty dragon nor the shadow figures lurking in the dark. He’s willing to die with his sword against the army of a million soldiers while the establishment only want to live, even if it means to live the rest of their lives on their knees.




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