Wendy Davis Wants To Unite All Texans, But She Supports The Denial of Many Texans The Right To Even Exist

Wendy Davis reminds me of a person living in the wrong place at the wrong time. She’s too northeastern liberal for one of the most conservative states in the union. She’s high profile, high dollar progressive doctrine in a state proud for its low patience for left wing condescension and federal encroachment. Wendy Davis it would seem simply does not fit in the mold of what Texas should be about when it comes to its politicians. I assume Ann Richards fit that same exact mold I could be wrong, I’m sure Democrats both within the state and nationally hope Wendy Davis is the second coming of Ann Richards; Ann Richards was the last Democrat elected governor in the state of Texas, demographic shift and all; reason?

The talking point yelped across the Democrat plain and within the circle of outside establishment media sympathizers is that since more and more Hispanics are settling into the Lone Star state, that automatically equals big gains and an eventual takeover by Democrats. Never mind Evangelical Christianity being the fastest growing belief system among Hispanics nationwide, I think Texas is apart of the nation but I could be wrong. Never mind that Catholicism is something taken very seriously by Hispanics as oppose to their white northeastern counterparts who give soft play to it but rarely if ever follow closely to the tenants of the Catholic faith; can I tell the truth in here? Let’s be honest have you ever met a liberal Catholic who actually adheres to their Catholic faith on every value as oppose to siding with their liberalism as their second but most favored religious belief system? I didn’t think so.

Wendy Davis wants to unite Texas but she’s such a divisive figure nationally. She’s famous for her filibuster of a bill that would apply standards to abortion clinics that are on par with credible and major hospitals. She’s famous for a pair of designer tennis shoes….whatever that’s suppose to mean.

She filibustered a bill that would end partial birth abortion. So Wendy Davis by virtue of her now heralded filibuster is opposed to protecting a life innocent child from being sliced and diced like steak strips.

The extent of this woman’s radicalism is something one would need a knife and fork to digest. She’s the most radical politician in the southern United States; dare I say. Her views aren’t unique but the length at which she was willing to go to kill a measure that protects life, and ends barbaric procedures done by abortionists cannot be overstated nor explained away.

She is famous for being against a supporter of infanticide. Tell me why Wendy Davis isn’t a strident supporter of infanticide and I will clean your house for a decade.

The Hispanics voters who Democrats hang their hopes of conquering Texas, well I would be willing to state as fact that a large majority of them might not be Republican, but that same large majority aren’t supporters of abortion in any fashion. So you have a group of voters who physically, fit the category of would be Democrat voters but morally and socially might find themselves crossing the border into the Republican party.

I don’t think Wendy Davis will be the next governor of the state of Texas and in fact I caution her approach to the campaign. Mr. Abbot the Republican should highlight the gap in her message: She wants to unite all Texans but she supports the denial of many Texans the right to even exist.

How do you square it?



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