As Usual The Public, and The Media, and Democrats Blame The Parent AKA Republicans

As usual the Republicans are being blamed for the government shutdown. With the exception of those who have been living under a rock aka living their lives for the past few months, Republicans have been blamed for everything that Democrats and President Obama have been directly responsible for since 2009. The party can’t catch a break and catching such a break shouldn’t be expected so long as this current motley crew in the jackass party are in Washington. It might very well take 2014 and 2016 until Republicans have a clean slate in which to articulate their side without a media filter that is strident in their hatred toward all things GOP and conservative.

It’s not easy when you have CNN’s  Ashleigh Banfield spouting Democrat talking points like a blonde parrot to Republican lawmakers on television. Ashleigh Banfield is annoying, the way she spells her name is annoying, her face, is annoying, her lack of intelligence is annoying. Combating a media so far inside the President’s rectum isn’t easy, it’s not easy being green…pimpin’ ain’t easy; just ask Ashleigh Banfield’s former pimp.

Of course this “Blame Republicans First” strategy is similar to the old “Blame American First” strategy that liberals across this land and others have used for decades when it comes to foreign policy. You see it’s easy for the spoiled brat to blame his or her parents for not being able to live life without consequence. Republicans believe it or not depending on which side of the ideological line you stand, aren’t the children in this situation; but the parent. Problem is they’re the old strict parents who have to deal with children of a generation that believes in no rules, no consequence, and no restraint on anything they do. These children aka Democrats want everything because they believe in their bleeding black hearts that they deserve everything.

This whole thing is about who wants to be responsible and maintain a level of order economically, fiscally, politically, and constitutionally, and who wants to throw all those important standards into the wind and just do whatever they think is right; even though it isn’t.

When the kids are unruly at school the one who draws ire is the one who cracks the whip. The Republicans are trying to be parents and school principal and unfortunately the children on all fronts are starting to overtake their authority.

Was a government shutdown necessary despite it being on the level of your local Civic Center being closed due to a severe thunderstorm? No, but Republicans haven’t exactly had the most fool proof of plans when it comes to how they intend on regaining the reigns of authority. Congress is in charge of the purse, and when they decided to give their spoil brat the credit card, they forgot to set a limit. Now here we are so many years in and the monthly bill ain’t pretty…you might want to sit down before opening that envelope there dad.

It will forever be the same old set of events on loop until Republicans learn how to be the parent again. They need to crack the whip, understand their place in America, they will never be the friendly party or the cool ones; who cares. All that should matter to the GOP is respect among the media, the people, and the Democrats. They don’t have to like you, in fact they’re likely to hate your guts, but the way you gain their respect is by showing them under no uncertain terms are they to question your authority as the holder of the purse again.

The father has always been the breadwinner in the family. Let them know daddy’s home, and he’s not f***ing around anymore.

Be coherent in your message, mean what you say, and stand firm on what you intend to do. Don’t wobble on your message and then spend a majority of your time trying to defend the punishment you handed down to your children.

Republicans should have done the following:

Construct an alternative to Obamacare before going all in to oppose it

Standing firm to a warning of a government shutdown if real and immediate solutions aren’t generated when it comes to a budget

And lastly Republicans shouldn’t have buckled under the pressure of a media that has no balls. The media is fake they can’t hurt you so don’t focus so much on trying to appease those assholes.

Standing firm on what you expect in terms of your standards as the majority in the House can be and should be done as easily as Democrats who are the majority in the Senate. What does it say when Democrats can stare down Republicans with a smaller majority in the Senate yet Republicans who have a larger majority in the House can’t stare down Democrats.



El Fantasma