CBS/New York Times Polls Has President at 43% Disapproval, On Healthcare and Other Key Issues He's Hovering Around 40% Approval, Bloomberg Poll Has 61% Wanted Spending Cuts with Debt Ceiling Increase

“President Obama are you listening?” Where is Rick Santelli by the way?

At which the country begins to realize the raw deal just got even more raw and what we’ve been sold, packaged as a Lamborghini turned out to be a lemon. The president’s poll numbers are underwater, no they’ve sunken to the ocean floor and all around them is nothing but darkness. Mr. Obama has lost his voice on every key issue polled individually by CBS/NYT and Bloomberg News. On the economy, Syria, healthcare, the debt, Iran relations, and foreign policy Mr. Obama continues to hover in and around 40& approval and near 60% disapproval.

However the poll that surprised me the most was Bloomberg’s poll on the debt ceiling debate. According to their poll 61% of Americans want real spending cuts as oppose to the rhetorical ones promised by the president and his party. Not only that but when asked specifically on the issue of automatic cuts and targeted spending cuts, 68% of Americans favor targeted cuts over automatic cuts that have sort of played as a card for Democrats to show the American people in a half meaningful way that they are serious about cutting spending when in reality they never have been and never will.

All the while Republicans have been quick to surrender on their knees the American people are beginning to stand up and in a serious way God willing demand action on the key issues and hold the rightful person responsible; that person being President Obama.

It’s time for Mr. Obama to take responsibility for his actions and his inaction because for far too long he’s ducked accountability on what’s he done and taken all the credit for the things he really didn’t do.

This gives me a measured optimism because for all we know next week the poll numbers could reflect the reverse and a completely different sentiment could be shown in a new set of poll numbers.

For the time being however, Republicans should take this as a message from the people: “It’s okay to fight, we have your back.”

And the president, his party, and the media should take this as a message as well: “You’re on notice because we the people are now starting to pay closer attention to what you’ve been trying to cover up in the dead of night; which is your complete and utter disregard for the well being of the nation and an arrogance that gives off a smell akin to female zombie muff”

Hold their feet to the flame, and let the corns cook.



El Fantasma