Ted Cruz Reminds Republicans That There Are Still Things In America Worth Fighting For

I am not attempting to troll the site I have been an active and outspoken member of Redstate for a while now. I under my style is controversial and not everyone will be comfortable with it. But it’s how I’ve always communicated be it in person or otherwise. God bless-El Fantasma


Warning: The following contains language not suitable for this site. I am but a dude with an unfiltered tongue in times of great annoyance. These are one of those times. I still need to work on that as a young Christian.

Disclaimer: My slamming of John McCain’s constant use of his POW experience is not an across the board dismissal of prisoners of war. But merely an attempt to say look dude we get it, you were a POW during the Vietnam war; so were many others just like you. The only difference is they didn’t use that horrific experience for political gain.


I typed a ringing and profanity laced, unapologetic endorsement of Ted Cruz yesterday. Some folks liked it, some didn’t, some really didn’t, I don’t give a [edited] either way.

But my message, though raw and uncut, later edited by enemies of the first amendment, had a serious point deep within its foundation. Ted Cruz, for all his naysayers and those who mock his very existence as United States Senator, in the same way they mocked and continue to mock Sarah Palin and others like them, represents the reminder Republicans need during this moment: There are still things in America worth fighting for.

This is a very important reminder to relay to a party whose been in surrender mode for the last three and a half years. The party has surrendered so much of its dignity, principles, and positions that a guy like Ted Cruz comes across as alien to them. Of course they dismiss and despise his actions because they aren’t use to fighting for what they believe is politically and morally right. John McCain is the biggest fake tough guy on the planet because without his Military service he’s just an old crank with bad skin and no heart. Politically, McCain surrenders at every turn be it during his presidential campaign, or when it comes to domestic issues that have a profound effect on the country. However when it comes to starting  wars and dropping bombs on people McCain will fight tooth and nail for that bulls***. You would think the guy masturbates to intelligence briefings.

A guy like John McCain has no respect in my world because he’s been all bark and no bite. The man is a Chihuahua yapping at pit bulls behind a fence.

McCain and his ilk within the old fart guard establishment never stick their necks on the line for anything. They’re more concerned about how they appeal to the media and independents than how hard they fight to preserve liberty and freedom.

So Obamacare is a lost cause and well we should just sit back and let this horrible law that is widely rejected by the American people take effect and slowly destroy the economy and health care system of the United States? Who’s getting f***ed here, the cluster or us?

I apologize for not acting like a Christian and using Def Comedy jam type vocabulary but I’ve grown tired of people who tell me to sit down and let something bad happen to me. Like sit down and let this bullet hit you, there’s nothing you can do; sit down and let this mugger jack you for yours.

If we chose to stand against Ted Cruz right now instead of standing with him that would have had a huge effect on the conservative movement. Joe Scarborough calls it a play in self promotion and he dismisses Ted Cruz but who the f*** is Joe Scarborough, but a man who wishes he had the kind of platform Ted Cruz has, and the kind of influence he has within the movement. Senator Cruz should wear the ire of Joe Scarborough like a heavyweight title belt. If you can draw anger and vitriol from someone like big nose square head Joe Scarborough you’re doing something right in my estimation.

Joe Scarborough is the end result of a child born from a mixture of carnival worker sperm that was inserted into the bearded lady.

I’m not saying Ted Cruz is without flaws or that he’s not going to be right on every single issue, but at least he’s willing to give the impression that surrender is far from his mind at this point. John Boehner waved the white flag the first time he and the Republicans bent over and took it during the debt ceiling debate during the summer of 2011. Boehner continued to take it up the butt on issues like taxes, spending, and immigration reform. Boehner must like boners.

You know maybe this whole thing really is a lost cause but I don’t know I would rather die so to speak fighting for my life than willingly let whatever’s trying to take my life have it no questions asked. The message war has been waged: Republicans are done fighting, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and other real conservatives have only begun to fight.

And I, my friends have lost all respect for John McCain and others like him. His service was overrated and his experience as a POW been overrated and overplayed, who gives a s***, that card carries no worth anymore.

Continue to support Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, this will be the culmination of a voice from a people sick and tired of being sick and tired. The sequel to the Tea Party revolution in 2010 hits ballot boxes everywhere in 2014. In HD, get your popcorn ready, you won’t want to miss it.

#MakeDCListen #CruzControl #TedCruzStillDon’tGiveAF***



El Fantasma

Dedicated to Mike Vallely, He never gave up, neither will I