Ted Cruz, Just Doesn't Give A [Edited]

I follow Ted Cruz on Twitter and that has nothing to do with why I admire him so much. I admire Ted Cruz because of what my title reads. I like how Ted Cruz smiles while stomping on the nut sack of the GOP leadership. Ted Cruz made the honey badger give a [Edited]. He’s exactly what we’ve wanted in that guy in politics who isn’t interested in being best friends with everybody. Ted Cruz is trying to mow down the zombie horde all by himself with a handgun and four bullets in the clip. Sure he knows he’ll likely meet his end but he just keeps pulling the trigger and miraculously the gun keeps shooting long after the fourth bullet.

I like Ted Cruz because John McCain [Edited] hates Ted Cruz. Joe Scarborough hates Ted Cruz, I dislike Joe Scarborough so that makes me like Ted Cruz even more. All the right people you expect to hate Ted Cruz hate Ted Cruz, so he’s to be beloved in that respect.

I admire his fight, he’s like the new kid in high school that shows up out of nowhere and all the popular jocks are mad because he’s banging their girlfriends.

Ted Cruz actually cares more about the country than about his poll numbers; but since his poll numbers are high because he’s Ted Cruz why would he care, he’s Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is crazy to people who are crazy. Chris Matthews called him a domestic terrorist, but Chris Matthews is an alcoholic so what does he know.

But in all seriousness I applaud Senator Ted Cruz for standing up for the constitution and for the health and freedom for all Americans. What the GOP circle jerk establishment fail to realize is exactly what Cruz understands: Obamacare might not simply collapse under its own epic fail but instead slowly drag the nation’s economy and health care system down with it.

He breaks the mold in that he rejects the coward approach of John Boehner and the GOP leadership where they cut deals in hopes of the outcome being less dire than the assumed opposite. For Boehner and those like him in Washington they bank on the landing being less painful so they’re all too willing to take the plunge with Democrats.

Ted Cruz offers them a plane ride and they don’t even reach for the parachute; them mothers just fall hand in hand with Democrats.

Ted Cruz doesn’t give a [Edited] about anything. He doesn’t fear a government shutdown because he knows it’s all smoke from a steaming pile smeared on carnival mirrors.

He understands fundamentally the game that liberals and our president have long played on Republicans; he’s simply flipping the script.

I don’t understand why Republicans wouldn’t want to embrace a man of courage like Ted Cruz. Oh wait, they’re pussies.




El Fantasma