Educating Al Sharpton Who Didn't Know America Was A Republic and Not A Democracy

Al Sharpton is a lot of things: race hustler, false man of God, tax cheat, Lisa Raye’s ex, loud mouth, controversy chasing exploiter of grievance and overall bad dude. Al Sharpton was ordained at McDonald’s. His perm is dry as hell.

One thing we cannot call Mr. Sharpton is a man of great intellect when it comes to American government and the establishment thereof. However Sharpton’s view of our governmental system is not unique to his prune sized brain alone. 100%, of liberals believe, ignorantly so, that America is a democracy. No matter how many times you educate them, no matter what history says, they still believe America operates as a pure democracy.

You hear it all the time from these folks: “Our democracy this”, “Our democracy that”. Republican Congressman Doug Collins set Al straight during a heated interview in which he correctly stated that America wasn’t a democracy but a republic; a constitutional republic.

I don’t what it will take to get liberals to understand that America isn’t nor has she ever been a democracy. From our every foundation we’ve been a constitutional republic…you know, or else there would be no need of a constitution….remember?

I’m sorry, that’s really the thing a c*nt would do you understand? Like, a truly c*nt move is to keep saying we’re a democracy when you know we aren’t.

Our constitution is essential because it establishes our nation as a republic. We wouldn’t have a constitution if we were a democracy. To have a democracy is to practice direct democracy which the United States does not do; or at least the founders were intent on steering our system away from direct democracy. Article IV of the constitution guarantees the states a republican form of government. Those governments are indirectly controlled by the people.

What Sharpton and other liberals refuse to accept is that at its core America is a nation that operates on the idea of organized liberty centered around the people with the government working in accordance to a constitution which itself establishes the terms and boundaries for said government. This isn’t some free wheeling democracy where we make this sh*t up as we go along and everything is built on the literal definition of equality and fairness. For those terms can mean a host of things depending on who defines them. Equality to a pervert and a person of faith have completely different meanings. Justice and fairness in the eyes of a socialist and a capitalist also have different understandings.

Majority rule does not apply to law making in America, at least was the case before Barack Obama and a more radically progressive strand of liberals took control of the Democrat party. They all believe in direct democracy and majority rule. Imagine legislation crafted around a majority rule in favor of homosexuality and gay marriage, imagine such laws crafted on a majority rule as it pertains to gun control or economic matters. If liberals were the majority this nation would have been fast tracked toward the post-constitutional era in which we live today. It took us some time to get here but if the left were the overruling voice we would have gotten here long before President Obama came along.


El Fantasma