The Thing About Gun Control

I wish it were that easy, really I do. In my ideal world as a Christian there would be no violent outbursts satisfied with the use of a gun, no gang feuds decided in a hail of bullets in a drive by, no beef between you and some guy in your neighborhood cooked with gunfire with only the pistol smoke remaining when its all said and done. In my ideal world we would live among each other in peace and one with Jesus Christ. But tragically we not only don’t live in a perfect world, we live in a fallen one that is about to pass away.

I assume mass shootings are horrific, if only violence in general were equally outrageous to those who beat the drums of gun control and 2nd Amendment repeal.

At this point I’m just living my life and waiting for my Lord to return and catch me in the air along with the others who stood strong and true to the end. I go back to what my Pastor said during one service after the Newtown shootings: man’s laws won’t help the world get better only God’s laws will. You know the screaming liberals foaming and yelping to once and for all institute gun control, simply put your arguments and your howling play like a fly buzzing into a microphone hooked up to a 500 watt pa system.

We hear you then again we don’t really hear you. I wish I could control the use of a gun but even more so I wish I could control the behavioral patterns of those who use them to do evil. But like guns, realistically speaking we cannot control evil; for evil is nothing but a spirit that has no physical makeup really. I mean it enters a person or persons and it compels them to act according to its will.

The man who decided to play target practice at the Navy yard was guided by the voices in his head who were demonic spirits training his sights to bust heat.

The voices inside the heads of the talking heads on the left who trumpet gun control aren’t heroes, they’re cowards. A gun doesn’t make you brave, but defending the right to use one or someone else’s right to use one doesn’t make you a coward; but selective outrage on this issue does. Piers Morgan blows his load on this topic because CNN brass told him to keep up the drama for a ratings purpose. Make no mistake I believe the dude hates the United States constitution and guns in general; but his outrage is of a partially manufactured effect.

Get a new line please my people on the left. Every shot fired, “Gun Control!!!!!!!!” from the mouths of bad breath elites who never have to worry about the protective benefits of a gun because fortunately the security guards that patrol their gated communities and high price exclusive condos got it covered.

And please to my God in heaven do not allow Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords to suck the airtime and financial gain from this shooting. I’m so tired of seeing them show up, folks are like the mass shooting equivalent to ambulance chasers.

I don’t know, there’s a lot of lost people in too many positions of power and they have the mic so that makes it much worse. Piers Morgan shouldn’t be taken as seriously as he is in an advanced society such as ours. Gun control should never be an option unless you move toward behavior control, media control, and mind control.

If the crime begins in the mind and is fueled by violent media, that which influences one’s behavior, it ceases to being a mind crime…call it Queensryche.

It still makes you wonder why the places with the most strident and concrete gun laws are the one’s that get hit up the most. Washington D.C. has some of the toughest gun laws in America and yet aside from this tragedy, how many black boys are popping off on a daily basis in D.C.?

Well, if the gun control laws aren’t working….better start thinking about behavior control laws.


El Fantasma