War Weary, Or Just Weary of Wars in the Middle East? Or Just Weary of the Middle East In General?

We as a nation have been stuck in a constant state of conflict since the 1970’s in a region of the world in which one must ask: “Do those whom we sought to liberate actually want to be liberated?” What is the American end game in the Middle East? And is America war weary in general or just weary of war in that particular region of the world?

You can’t teach old Muslim dogs new tricks nor can you civilize every savage. Perhaps our leaders must come to accept what the American people might have already realized: The players, people, and governments in that part of the globe simply cannot grasp nor function in a completely new form of living because once you’ve been conditioned to think, act, and, rationalize according to traditions and customs dating back thousands of years who’s to say a nation that’s only been around for over 200 years with a Republic and democratic values that have only been established for over 200 years can suddenly appeal to reason in a people who cannot reason among themselves.

Do you think it’s an accident that Israel is the only real thriving democracy in the region? Why Israel is the only place where real innovation and progress has been allowed to flourish? Where diversity of religion is not subject to death or torture? Why are Christians being killed in other parts of the Middle East and Egypt in northern Africa yet in Israel Christians fear not the public worship of their faith?

What is it about these people and this section of the modern world that shows itself to be so regressive and of the middle ages?

I happen to believe we’re better served leaving them to war and die among themselves for reasons only they know. Why waste American blood and American dollars to break even?

The left in America likes to talk about this Arab Spring bull crap. They said now the people in that region are embracing liberty and soon will establish their own replica of a Jeffersonian democracy. Liberals were wrong, but you can afford to be when you’re liberal and living in America where such events that are taking place in the Middle East aren’t happening here. They were wrong about the peoples’ embrace of liberty and true freedom. As long as their religion discourages the acceptance of religious freedom, equality between men and women, and individualism then what kind of freedom do they want exactly?

About a year or two years ago a majority of Egyptians supported an Islamic based government to replace the regime of Hosni Mubarak; so much for freedom.

You see now in Turkey they’re moving away from a democratic government to a more Islamic based government.

Am I the only one ready to wash my hands of Muslims and the Middle East altogether? Is that so controversial given what this nation has gone through for this region and the people in it?

I’m tired of seeing soldiers die and maimed for people who could give a rat’s butt about their lives regardless. People who hate the God they serve and the flag they stand before with heart on hand as the American national anthem plays in the background.

We’re nation building in nations that hate us. As American public schools continue to turn out poor test scores and children who can’t read, can’t reason, can’t spell, and can’t compete, we’ve made it priority #1 to build the best schools for children in Afghanistan.

I love the children of Afghanistan but my kids won’t be from Afghanistan and I don’t live in Afghanistan; I live in America. My kids will be going to American schools and be students in an American school system. Teach those kids over their how to read but our kids can’t count past 20.

I sincerely hope we don’t go to war in Syria and once again stick our nose in the business of a barbarian.

I think Sarah Palin said it most appropriately: “Let Allah sort it out”



El Fantasma