Maybe President Obama's Just A Great Speaker After All

I haven’t written anything since late July. I’ve been busy with a new job and just sort of stepping back as an observer to what is going on in the second term of President Barack Obama. And I feel like at this point we’re all just pretending, every last one of us. I feel like his supporters in the media and elsewhere are definitely pretending. At some point during my observation of the last few months I came to a conclusion perhaps more obvious to this friendly crowd than the sky being blue or water being wet. That conclusion being this: President Obama is a great speaker; and that may be the the only thing he’s ever been good at politically speaking.

His presidency hasn’t been completely void of accomplishments but even those are questionable and overrated. His economic record has been below average mostly, but some areas have been average to above average. However even the above average moments come with questions and really, were those high marks of economic growth because of, or in spite of Mr. Obama?

I mean has he done more for American job growth and prosperity or has the Federal Reserve been his political ghost writer of sorts. I always wondered why the FED seemed to conveniently pump the economy with phantom cash at the most politically opportune times. More often than not our president has been served well from politically convenient moments that almost seem heaven sent; but not in a good way. God chooses our leaders good or bad, for blessings and for reasons that offer teachable moments. Barack Obama is in office for a reason, his entire existence within this sizable span of time in this moment in history is for a reason and most of it is not to be smiled upon. He is essentially the wrong president for exactly the right moment in our history as a people and a nation. Reason being, his utter failure thus far and how this country has eroded on many levels under his watch gives us a chance to make a serious choice going forward.

The nation will feel after eight years of Mr. Obama the same they felt after eight years of Mr. Bush. This time however I do not believe we will fall victim to the poetic seduction of a political novice with a great smile and catchy feel good campaign slogans. “Yes We Can” was as cheap and watered down as McDonald’s food, empty calories and all. And like McDonald’s this entire Obama experience will leave us hungry for something with more substance; something that is good for us, not just something that tastes good.

President Obama has no idea what he wants to do anymore and the Syrian debacle clearly shows a man operating on fumes at this point. He can’t get anything passed, his lame duck status has come too years too soon, his approval rating is underneath the toilet not just in it, and for the most part the country has stopped caring. Mr. Obama can’t give a great speech that moves the needle anymore. As great a speaker as he is, again that’s all he ever was come to find out.

We elected a professorial poet in 2008 and reelected him in 2012. President Obama is like, he’s like that artist who sort of took advantage of a trend, made some hot records and now that he has to stand on his singing ability we find out he can’t carry a tune.

Maybe President Obama’s just a great speaker after all, and you know what? That’s okay.

For every Bin Laden we got an entire region of the world burning faster than kush on Wiz Khalifa’s tour bus.

For every manufactured and perfectly placed “success” our president has had you look across the board and you just can’t help but to notice the overwhelming number of failures.

Seriously, name his “wins”. Name the ones that escaped my memory.

We’re far from an election year but ask yourself this question: Are we really better off not than we were even four years ago?

I think President Obama has appealed in the very worse in us as a people. We’re not united, we’re not happy, we’re not secure in the fact that our president has brought us together for a greater cause.

If you take an objective look you could make the argument that President Obama has been one of the worse things to happen to this country in many years. It’s like with his presidency the whole mood of the nation slowly shifted into this angry, bitter, less hopeful environment.

If the country had a chance to call mulligan in 2012 I don’t believe Mr. Obama wins reelection. The sad part of it is we can’t call mulligan on our presidents after they’ve already won.

Mr. Obama you’re a great speaker, you’re just not a very good president.



El Fantasma