Rolling Stone, You're Trying Waaaay Too Hard Bro

Rolling Stone magazine has a lot of people from all walks of the political line up in arms over the latest issue of their publication which features the surviving terrorist suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing that took place back in April. This cover of course is not only insensitive to Boston, the United States, the families of the victims, and every surviving member of those attacks, but it’s also obvious, and therefore quite corny and played out in its obviousness.

Only college kids who were born after Nirvana graced the cover of Rolling Stone think this is cool and edgy. Then again those kids themselves are corny, played out, and predictable..so there ya go.

I however didn’t have the same reaction as many of you because I find this to be one of the most predictable roads to travel for left wing media outlets struggling for relevant air. The left always and forever will lean toward the glaringly apparent bad guy or bad something in the world because its a lot easier to sympathize with the Devil so to speak than to stand strong til the end with Jesus Christ.

Of course I use a religious analogy but I mean look at it closer: “Is it more difficult to stand for evil or goodness in our current culture?”

Liberals argue for the bad guy because they genuinely believe the acts of devastation and violence on the part of evildoers is justifiable expression of grievance; a way to express their contempt toward the so called white American oppressors who enslave, exploit, and profile them while holding a copy of the King James version of the Holy Bible in their hand.

The left’s romantic bro-love for villains stems from a deep seeded hatred for the hero.

Jesus Christ is and was the hero before there were any other

The founding fathers were the heroes of the revolution

Ronald Reagan is considered the hero of the modern conservative movement who won the Cold War

Tim Tebow to many in America is considered a hero to young children and a role model

What does the left think of these heroes?

Jesus, when his life, words, and purpose aren’t being twisted for political gain, is constantly mocked by the left as a bigot make believe character who is worshiped by a bunch of knuckle dragging white evangelicals from the south.

The left tells you to ignore the accomplishments of our founding fathers and instead focus solely on the fact that they owned slaves, massacred Indians, and stole their land.

Ronald Reagan had long been the target of liberal hatred, especially on an economic front. That is until President Obama on numerous occasions expressed his admiration for the late president, then all the sudden liberals had positive things to say about Ronald Reagan.

And then you have Tebow. Tim Tebow was the most hated person in America at one point because of his faith. Liberals hated him, his faith, his mother for choosing to go forth with giving birth to him instead of having an abortion, he was the personification of everything liberals hated.

I’ve been a musician for the past thirteen years and I’ve been in I’d say four bands in that time period. Now, at that time before I got saved when I started playing in bands all I wanted to do was lay as many groupies as I possibly could. No lie fam, I was a typical horny teen who saw a chance to get some tail and that was music. I never hid my intentions and or why I was in a band. But one thing I never had any interest in was gracing the cover of Rolling Stone.

Even back in my younger days when I thought I had this music thing figured out, Rolling Stone to me was irrelevant. It didn’t carry the same weight that it did back in the 90’s, 80’s, 70’s, and late 60’s.

You know this was early to mid 2000’s and I was about to leave high school, no one around the scene talked up Rolling Stone as something they strive for because there were so many other new outlets popping up at the time. Why shoot for Rolling Stone when this new contraption called Myspace was around and really big at that time.

So I mean Rolling Stone is hag rag now they don’t have anyone writing for the magazine that’s worth a snot. That balding mutant Matt Taibbi writes for Rolling Stone, uh you know the guy is a first ballot d-bag hall of famer, I mean the biggest tool ever to walk this Earth by far is Matt Taibbi. And those magazines like Rolling Stone and others tend to have this former campus dwellers who listened to the worst music and are severe liberals, pretty secular and hostile to Christianity in general, you know and full of b*tch moves when it comes to what they write about politically.

All in all Rolling Stone man you’re trying way too hard bro. The polish on your edge factor is wearing off like cheap deodorant.

In short you smell like a gorilla’s nut sack, homey. And you’re trying to matter; which is why you really put that terrorist on the cover.

C’mon son, step real with your’s.

Rolling Stone is like Vibe Magazine and The Source, when’s the last time someone read Vibe Magazine and The Source? The Source ain’t gave 5 mics to a worthy album since Illmatic.



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