Chicago Hope/The Black Man Is An Endangered Species In America

I’m on the Big Journalism website reading a story by Awr Hawkins about how the media has completely ignored the truly frightening murder spree going on in Chicago. What really struck the heart was reading the details of who was murdered, their age, and how completely random and unprovoked the murders were. For example, Mr. Hawkins points out that a five year old child was shot to death on June 28th and his body was found in a building on the south side.

He also talked about a fourteen year old young brother who was shot while standing outside his high school; as well as a fifteen year old who was shot while trying to flee a gunman who randomly approached he and his friends and starting peeling off shots.

These are tragic examples of the kind of almost demonic behavior exhibited by young black males in Chicago. The war for drugs and turf have created the type of battlefield often seen in Africa. Since when did America become an environment in some of our inner cities that could be compared to war torn parts of the dark continent where children as young as ten years old walk around carrying AK-47’s with extra clips like they’re soldiers in the Military?

It’s a disgrace and a shame when you have a five year old child in the United States of America gunned down like a dog in the street. What Chicago needs is hope, and unfortunately or tragically, the media and a majority of the black establishment have made a concerted effort to blackout the violent genocide going on in the Windy City.

And let’s be frank, this is a genocide of the highest order and I dare anyone left, right, or center to argue the accusation of such. Argue against the claim that this is an entire generation of young brothers killing and pillaging each other out of existence.

The black man in America is an endangered species not by the racial motivated hand of a white majority but by that of his own brother who with malice and demonic rage in his heart and violence in his eyes cuts him down with gunfire.

I suppose I’m an Uncle Tom who has a self hatred for the color of my skin for pointing this out. And if so then we’ll never solve the problem if every time you mention the cold hard truth about black culture and black on black crime you’re dismissed and shouted down by the black establishment who take their queue’s and their cash payments from their white masters.

This should tug at the heartstrings of the entire nation because again what’s taking place in Chicago this very moment is something that should cause a civil society such as ours to hang their heads in shame.

The senseless killing is unacceptable, period. And for Mr. Obama to do his little political two step where he picks and conveniently chooses which controversies and tragedies he comments on is with all due respect to the office and to him, cowardly.

He could bring some much needed direction and calm to the situation but sadly it doesn’t fit into his present agenda. I don’t understand how liberals profess to care for black people like no other group in the history of the world has ever cared for the black man yet they don’t bat an eye at this video game style shooting gallery going on up there.

Where are the rappers? Will Jamie Foxx wear a shirt with the face of one of the victims of Chicago’s murder spree on the front?

What the left is saying with is this: “It’s easy to ignore because its been going on for years.” Essentially, when they ignore it, it doesn’t matter. When something is commonplace and routine you tend to overlook it because well its always been that way.

They want to send aid to Syria and foster these fake democracy movements in the Middle East and in Egypt but see how many of them jump to stop the genocide in Chicago. But then again, they don’t care nothing about you because the black man don’t care about himself. When you can shoot your own brother over a bag of dope and a street corner what value does your own life carry?

But Trayvon Martin, if Trayvon Martin was from Chicago, Illinois instead of Florida we probably would have never heard of him.

And the stuck on stupid thing about it is you have white elites in the media blaming white supremacy, of which they belong to and have benefited from for the verdict in the Zimmerman trial.

I don’t understand, if you’re white how can you sit there and say “It’s these white people who are to blame”. Ain’t you white, stupid?

I don’t know, God gave me a heart to empathize with folks and to love my brother and the salvation of Jesus Christ gave me the spirit to be of a righteous lifestyle; I don’t believe in categorizing death like a majority of liberals do. I don’t believe in “Important death” and “Unimportant death”. I guess Trayvon Martin falls under the category of an Important death while those young black boys in Chicago fall under the latter.

Trayvon had the privilege of being killed by a non-black I guess. That’ll get you a spot on national headline news. So to all those would be shooting victims in Chicago make sure your killer isn’t of the same race, that is if you want to be acknowledged by the media.

I hope I speak for everyone when I say we’re all residents of Chicago.



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