The Cold Hard Truth About Black Culture

One of the biggest and longest enduring problems that prevents the black community as a whole from truly moving forward toward real progress and improvement is the process of reflection and self awareness. Self awareness in realizing we have deep rooted issues in black America and the willingness to accept, point them out, and therefore solve these problems in a meaningful way. In terms of reflection often times black people will look for any reason, person, or way to deflect self inflicted troubles away from the source. “The Man” can’t possibly be the root of all that curses, kills, exploits, and outright makes a mockery of the black race. At some point we need to accept the cold hard truth about black culture.

The end game of the trial that saw George Zimmerman, a bi-racial man (not a white Hispanic CNN) charged with the death of 17 year old Trayvon Martin was one of great relief I’m sure for Zimmerman and his family, heartbreak for the mother and father of young Trayvon, and also the political and social fuel to a fire that has never really been quenched; even if the man who currently occupies the White House is of color.

But unlike 85% of black people in America, and many white people who suffer from white liberal guilt, I’m not the least bit angry or dissatisfied with the verdict. The reason being number one, from the start I felt genuine sadness and sympathy for Mr. and Mrs. Martin because all along they were merely tools for the same old cast of 1960’s retread “black leaders’ such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Their son’s death was made into a publicity stunt by these individuals who have been and will always be in it for themselves and out for themselves financially and politically.

Let’s be clear Al Sharpton cares about Trayvon Martin’s death because this time it just so happens the young brother was killed by a man who wasn’t of the same race. We know this because not one foot has hit the ground for those young brothers in Chicago blowing each other away like it’s 1930’s gangland all over again. You got these young men dying over some bullsh*t and a street corner, yet if the president had a son I wonder how many of those young black teenagers would look like him.

It’s overstated but it’s true, if George Zimmerman were black the media wouldn’t have batted an eye over the death of Trayvon Martin. To quote Ice Cube “it’s just another n*gga dead”.

No one in the black community wants to accept the high murder rate when it comes to black on black crime. No one in the black community wants to accept the fact that most black men between the age of 13-35 are likely to commit crimes in America. No one wants to accept the fact that out black culture went from one of positive achievement and intelligence to one of utter emptiness and low standards.

You got rappers on Twitter mad over the verdict yet these same rappers glorify black on black violence and ignorance; how many young black men died trying to imitate one of their favorite rapper’s songs?

We went from Eli Whitney, Booker T. Washington, Fredrick Douglass, to Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and Lil Wayne.

This is how it works:

The artist perpetuates the stereotypes with the baggy pants, gold teeth in they funky mouth, the chains, the blunt smoke filling the air at the studio, the scoochies dancing half naked, you and your boys throwing up money that ain’t your’s driving cars you leased, living in a mansion you rented because the record company owns it all because they own the artist.

Meanwhile young black boys on the south side of Chicago, in Los Angeles, on the north side here in Saint Louis where I’m from, they try to live this manufacture thug life which is nothing but studio gangster paper thug living when it comes to these soft as tissue rappers.

Meek Mill glorifies all that should be rejected by black people but he’s accepted because he gave every teenager at the high school new sneakers.

You know the local drug dealers back in 80’s and 90’s used to give free turkeys to all the people in housing projects; did that make their murderous drug game less deadly to that same community?

I don’t want to hear people marching talking about “No Justice, No Peace”. No justice, no peace when a non-black gunned down a black, but what about the same demand for justice and peace for all those blacks gunning down other blacks in the streets of Chicago? To all those white liberals who suffer from a severe case of racial guilt, where’s the show of solidarity for the mothers of all those young black boys who will never see age 21?

I get it, I get it, the narrative don’t fit in the box because the game is called victim. By their standards real victims are ones who are killed by non-blacks because only racism explains the death of a black person in any case involving person to person violence, except when it’s black person to black person violence then you know, it’s what Ice Cube said; I won’t quote it a second time.

The cold hard truth about black culture is that when everyone profits off of a glorified version of what’s really happening in urban America then it’s okay and no harm no foul. But as soon as we place a non-black into the picture then we want to get hot and march somehow holding signs.

See how stupid my people are? My people are so dumb Lord in heaven help them they are so stupid. Don’t even realize they’re being played by the very people leading them in the march. Al Sharpton will move on to the next manufactured racial ambulance chase. Oh his money is secure in whatever controversy he can sprint to exploit don’t worry about old Al. Dude went from Tawana Brawley to the Duke Lacrosse case to Jena 6 to Trayvon Martin; but conveniently skipped Chicago’s south side.

I’m not surprised Trayvon Martin shows signs of basically the same type of black culture glorification that many young black teenage boys express in this day and age. I’m just sad the young man’s death was treated like a liquidation sale at an electronics store. Everybody and they mamma wanted in on it before it was gone forever.

By no means am I excusing what George Zimmerman did, Trayvon had every right to wear a hoodie in whichever location he chooses in 2013 America. But let’s be honest, why do you think whites and non-whites have a preconceived notion about black people? Why do you think our young men can’t walk wherever they choose in a country where the president is black himself? Why do you think George Zimmerman had in his mind that Trayvon was threatening enough to pull steel and blast him?

If anything George Zimmerman is guilty of feeling about black men in particular what I believe most of the world thinks about us: We’re dangerous, angry, and always up to no good.

And when black culture turned those otherwise unwanted perceptions into multi billion dollar marketing tools that saw countless black people profit from the culture of death, narcotics, ignorance, and buffoonery, why should I shed a tear for Trayvon in that sense? I’m sad for the situation I truly am but no tear was shed nor was I angry over the verdict.

I pray in the name of Jesus that the Zimmerman and Martin families find peace in loving mercy of God. I also pray George Zimmerman finds the peace he needs to move on. I don’t wish any harm on him and I pray he comes to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior; that he asks for forgiveness. I also pray in Jesus name that Trayvon Martin’s parents forgive Mr. Zimmerman and that God works to make this tragedy a blessing in their lives so they can have true joy.

I also hope that young black boys growing up aren’t told by their parents that they have to be prisoners of their skin color. Trayvon Martin’s death was an unfortunate situation and it just boiled down to a man who thought he was doing the right thing by taking the law into his own hands but sadly he overstepped his judgment. I hope this doesn’t become an issue where we have white liberals telling black males especially, that they can no longer feel safe in America. And if they are going to tell black males they’re not safe in America they should do so only if they give the real reason as to why they aren’t safe in America. For every George Zimmerman out there looking to play cop and tragically gun down a black youth, there are hundreds if not thousands of young black males looking to play gangster and tragically gun down hundreds if not thousands of black youths every month. And that, is why the black males shouldn’t feel safe in America.

If you want to honor Trayvon Martin you can start by honoring the countless Trayvon Martins dying in the streets like dogs. Maybe then the media will pay attention.


El Fantasma 


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