Rep. Raul Labrador Gets It, John McCain and Lindsey Graham Do Not

Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho understands the political dynamic playing out in regards to immigration. Amidst a completely one sided left wing attempted barrage from host Alex Wagner and her panel on MSNBC the other day, the Republican Congressman more than held his own as loaded questions and criticism was leveled at him and his party. The dude just flat out made a lot of sense and really presented a moderate, focused, coherent set of points and counterpoints that made him seem more than qualified to debate immigration on the merits, not the emotions and the political rewards. I mean of course he applied the political reward at the end but he never once led with those rewards as the reason the GOP should accept immigration at all cost and accept the Democrats’ word at all cost.

His rationale was one every American should embrace and every Republican should heed. Go figure, Congressman Labrador actually argued and gave solid reasons why Republicans shouldn’t try to out pander the Democrats. He’s right when he accuses the media and others of suggesting Republicans have no hope of reaching Hispanic voters unless they embrace with open arms the broken non-solution immigration bill that passed the Senate. The Congressman’s response to Wagner, her panel, and the entire flawed conventional wisdom of the “amnesty first, security never” crowd is that policy for the sake of politics is never a good idea; and that Republicans cosigning to that logic will get nowhere fast.

I only wish John McCain and his My Buddy doll Lindsey Graham understood this as much as Raul Labrador. Here you have a Hispanic Congressman who hasn’t drank the kool-aid on immigration, and I find that refreshing. Even when Bob Herbert openly accused the Congressman and the GOP at large of being hostile toward non-white voters, instead of the typical stumbling, knee jerk response of reassurance often heard falling from the mouth of many Republicans, Raul Labrador again coherently beat back that dimwitted charge.

The problem is with Senate Republicans who believe bipartisanship results in their side giving up most if not all of what they prefer, and Democrats usually getting most of, if not all of what they prefer. Let’s be honest, how many Republicans actually believe the immigration bill that passed the Senate solves the problem without question, and how many were just too afraid of the potential political blow back and thus voted out of fear?

Anything done in fear is of failed outcome and when that fear of a monster that is not hiding in the closet or under the bed starts to read like bad odor on many of these Republican Senators; Democrats know they have the GOP cornered and vulnerable. Raul Labrador’s entire interview on NOW with Alex Wagner two days ago made for quite the compelling argument against the current state of immigration reform in Washington.

Big up Congressman Labrador.


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