Have Women Become More Selfish Under New Feminism?

Is the abortion fight about freedom or selfishness? The freedom to choose or the freedom to be selfish? Is it about living a life free of government overreach or living a life free of responsibility?

I suggest you ask a young liberal woman these questions and see how she answers. Is the abortion movement and the feminist movement in general one that focuses on what’s best for the rights of women or what’s best for women? Or, does it focus on what’s best for some women?

Is pro-life conservative Sarah Palin equally represented alongside pro-choice liberal Ashley Judd?

If a child is left on the doorstep in a basket, we already know a conservative woman would raise the child but would a liberal woman do the same?

Would a liberal woman sacrifice her career and personal ambitions for a child?

In this “Women can have it all” age, should they have it all and at the expense of whom?

Why is the pro-life mother of five more extreme than the single woman who is against life?

How did Sandra Fluke come to “represent” all women yet her lifestyle reflects that of only a few women?

When did Hollywood actresses who sleep around and jump from the arm of one man to the next come to symbolize the feminist in 2013?

And if these women are feminist who do so many of them take off their clothes in movies and embrace the sexually manufactured “Eye candy” image of male directors and producers?

Have women become more selfish under this new form of feminism?

Is it no longer about the equal partnership between men and women?

Are feminists looking for equal treatment or special treatment?

Is supporting abortion the only criteria for being a real feminist?

Are female porn stars feminists?

Does talking about your private parts in public make you a feminist?

Do feminists give it up on the first date, and if so does that still make them a feminist?

Was Margaret Thatcher a feminist? Oh wait she was a conservative never mind.

If the issue is pro-choice, why doesn’t the child have one?

If being a feminist is about women’s independence, why is the idea of women owning a gun frowned upon?

Are feminists actually a political special interest group controlled by the Democrat Party whose leaders are mostly male?

If President Obama supports women then why does hang out with Jay-Z who disrespects women in his music?

And why did the President take a picture with Ludacris who has a song called “P#ssy Poppin” and “You’s a Hoe”?

If there are any feminists out there who can answer my questions I would greatly appreciate it.



El Fantasma

There was a place 
And the name of the place escapes me 
When I can’t remember 
It irritates me 
Could be I can’t remember 
Could be I choose to not, 
Let’s move the song along 
And try to find the plot 
There was a girl and I don’t know her name either 
She gave me love and I swore I’d never leave her 


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