President Obama and Former President George Bush Have Different Views When It Comes To Africa

For all his failures at home and abroad as president, George Bush will be remembered as one of the most pro-Africa presidents in modern American history. In fact, his efforts in Africa in regards to poverty and Aids doesn’t get enough credit from the American media or the left for that matter. However if you ask any African about the legacy of George W. Bush they most certainly will speak of one that brought hope as well as the financial support that was desperately needed for those on the continent who were suffering.

That is in stark contrast to what we’ve learned about our current president through his recent comments during his tour of Africa. In a bold detour from his predecessor Mr. Obama believes the way to prosperity in Africa flows through a dirty river so to speak. A rising tide cannot lift all boats, one boat must sink, the other must capsize, and only then will the lesser of these boats make it to its destination.

President Obama has a different view of the African people than George Bush. While Bush offered optimism, Obama offers the lower standards possible in order to meet low expectations that he has set for an entire continent of people. Most would assume this son of a Kenyan with brown skin and a foreign name would have a much brighter outlook for the people of Africa; but this son of a Kenyan has some very twisted views of the world.

Essentially he’s telling all of Africa to hold off on that goal of a better life because the Earth cannot take another generation, another part of the world reaching a level in which they have access to the things we see as basic and standard here in the Western world. Things like air conditioning, properly running water, a car, and a nice clean house.

Why exactly people living in Africa should be discouraged from owning air conditioners is beyond me, but I would venture to guess that Africa is one scorching continent, so air conditioning must be something to aspire toward. Sounds trivial but you must understand and our president for that matter, must understand the level of poverty and hopelessness most people in Africa face everyday. For you and I sure that’s nothing to have a central air unit or an air conditioner hanging out the window cranked to full blast on a hot July day; but what we call “standard” might be seen as “rich” in some of these African nations.

My goodness, we’ve hyped this global warming fraud to the point where an American president is urging poor people to stay poor for the sake of the planet? What use is a planet to people who have been killed off by disease, poverty, and starvation?

I say the African people have no poverty and struggle for far too long, it’s time they experience something very opposite of that don’t you think?

What kind of world leader tells an entire country they can’t dream because the Earth will melt like a snowball in Hell. The Earth will boil over so yeah you can’t raise your living standards above “sewer dweller” to “normal clean living”; sorry.

Big up to Erick Erickson for touching on this.

I just feel like you know the irony is strong in this one. Here you have the first black president with a Kenyan born father telling black people from Africa not to raise their standard of living and to rethink their negative views on eating garbage and drinking filthy water. He’s telling them: “Keep trying it, you might learn to like, even love it”

I wonder what all the Africa loving Hollywood actors and actresses who line the president’s pockets with campaign cash think. I wonder if they cosign to his views on Africa. What am I saying, of course they do.

You know its funny because about a year or so ago Mr. Obama infamously told a crowd of supporters during a speech that Republicans quote, “want dirty air and water”. Well, when it comes to Africa the president may not want dirty air but he doesn’t mind them drinking dirty water so long as it doesn’t somehow create dirty air.

Yes, but George Bush is the heartless war mongering, spying, civil liberties stomping, trigger happy cowboy president.

Toto says leave Africa alone.


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