Senator Schumer, Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Isn't A Civil Rights Movement, It's A Political One

New York Senator and long time Democrat Chuck Schumer says the House will pass the Senate’s immigration reform bill because this is one of the most important civil rights movements of our time. He said the political pressure and shifting support for all things immigration reform will eventually grease the skids for the House to get in line and pass the darn thing (my words not his).

But Mr. Schumer has it all wrong in comparing this current situation with that of the 1960’s fight for genuine rights as basic human beings living LEGALLY, in the United States.

First of all African Americans were legal natural born citizens of the United States who were denied basic rights. Last I checked illegal aliens were allowed to use hospitals, diners, drinking fountains, ride the bus, and participate in the voting process. African Americans could do none of that and they were legal citizens of this country.

If you’re black and you hear this stuff you should be offended because this is the second time a liberal Democrat has tried to use the Civil Rights Movement and tie it to a modern political movement of no relation. They tried to do it with the “gay rights” agenda back in 2008 after California voters overwhelmingly supported Proposition 8.

I use quotations because that very idea of saying “gay rights” or “immigrant rights” is fatally flawed. Gays have the same rights as heterosexual Americans and in fact gays have more rights in America today than blacks had in the 1960’s. Even if you removed the right to marry from the equation gays still enjoy more rights than African Americans.

The Civil Rights Movement deserves more respect than that and so does the definition of a civil rights movement. Let’s call this immigration reform movement an “I’m entitled to rights I don’t deserve because I think I am”  movement.

And that is the question we must answer: Are illegal aliens deserving of the same rights legal immigrants and natural born citizens enjoy under the constitution?

At what point do we take into account the fact that they broke the law as an initial action? By crossing into the United States without legal pathway is to break the law of the United States and to violate its sovereignty; I don’t know how clearer than that you can get.

My family members fought to be included in a process they had every right to be included in because they were citizens of this country. If you came over from Mexico or where ever, that doesn’t make you a citizen if you’re here illegally; it just makes you here.

If you want to be a citizen get your butt in line and do it the right way first. It’s not fair 12 million lawbreakers get a free all access pass to “American Land”. This ain’t Six Flags.

It’s also a slap in the face to all those who died fighting for true civil rights. All those black leaders who were beaten, hosed down like animals, attacked by snarling police dogs, and jailed for the simple fact that they had black faces in white man’s America. They were persecuted because they had the audacity to want to be free like the white man who wakes up every morning knowing he can sit where ever he likes on a bus or use the bathroom at any public place he chooses.

Let me be clear, the borrow that line from our president: I have yet to see any illegal alien be dragged out of some diner and beaten or hosed down like a raggedy dog based on the color of their skin. Where are all the horror stories of illegal immigrants being hung because they were brown? The stories of illegals being forced out of their beds in the dead of night and beaten and then their homes being set ablaze by men in white hoods.

If you can provide one story that equals that of four little black girls being killed in a church bombing then I’ll change my tune. But until then stop disrespecting the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement and all those who gave blood and tears to see black folks truly free in America.

Like I said before, this is a political movement and an entitlement movement if I ever seen one. This is based purely on political data and how many elections Democrats can win and for how many years Democrats can exploit the brown community.

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