Why Do Liberals Only Support Individual Liberty and Oppose Big Government When It Comes To Doing Evil?

Wendy Davis reminded me of something I’ve noticed when it comes to the left and how they determine the battles in which they’re willing to fight. When it comes to doing evil, immoral things progressives suddenly want to use the idea of freedom and individual liberty and often adopt the language of conservatism when as it pertains to an overreaching government. But when it comes to conservatism, morality, the protection of life, health family structures, and other issues conservatives and Christians support, those are the agenda items of once again the villain.

The twisted world view has become the norm, as the bible notes: Good is evil and evil is good. In an ideal society Wendy Davis is nothing more than a radical left wing Democrat with radical left wing views on abortion. Well, actually she’s exactly that but unfortunately our culture and political system has eroded to such a degree that this woman and those like her have cheer leaders and are hailed as a modern day Susan B. Anthony.

Why do liberals only support individual liberty and oppose big government when it comes to doing evil things?

When it comes to abortion suddenly the government needs to stay out of our lives and keep away that private relationship between a person and their doctor. Yet when it comes to Obamacare if you use the same argument you’re a racist who hates women, children, Mexicans, and black folks.

To use the left’s logic on the woes of government run health care is to appropriately bring to light the dangers of centralized medicine; which we’re starting to see no doubt.

The left wants to be free to do evil, like abortion, homosexuality, defiling the definition of marriage. But when conservatives and Christians seek to combat that evil we aren’t afforded the same noble respect and glorification by the media.

Is evil the new black? Certainly when you have such an entrenched system of morally corrupted leaders on both sides with equal share of failures and political dishonesty.

I would better respect the arguments of progressives when it comes to abortion if they would respect my similar argument pertaining to health care, the economy, and other institutions the government has no business being involved in.

Why should my wife have complete protection from federal intrusion when it comes to her health and her body yet the feds should be up in my business when it comes to my health and my body?

Government is big when governors want to limit and or outright eliminate abortions, but government isn’t big enough when presidents and HHS secretaries want to tell me what kind of health care I need and how it should effect my health going forward in terms of medical procedures for cancer and other serious illnesses.

On the issue of free speech and expression, again the left will support the pornographers right to exploit and denigrate women but the Christian and family organizations  are labeled “anti” if they exercise their right to oppose the pornographer. It as if the rights of the pornographer are more important than the rights of the Christian and family organizations.

On economic issues you know the left and Hollywood push for more taxes on the very wealthy and that’s fine, but what if we start to tax Hollywood and the very wealthy among liberals at a higher rate? Then they would turn around and start complaining about it. You know tax Donald Trump because its the right thing to do, tax Harvey Weinstein and other wealthy liberals and well, the government is too oppressive and is unfairly targeting Hollywood.

Protect a liberal’s right to do anything from my right to oppose it.

Gay marriage, the left wants the government out of the bedroom but can the same be afforded to the church? Will the government stay out of the pulpit if a church refuses to conduct a wedding for a same sex couple based on religious beliefs? I already know the answer but still its worth asking.

The left slammed the Supreme Court decision on parts of the Voting Rights Act and not even two days later they all but blew the justices who voted on their side when it came to gay marriage.

Again, if liberals want to keep government out of their bedrooms and closets, will they support Christians like myself who want to keep government out of the sanctuary? I won’t hold my breath.



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