Wendy Davis's America

Who is this blonde, middle aged pop tart from the Lone Star state who overnight has become a manufactured symbol of the most vile movement that stands for the most backward and regressive medical procedure known to the modern world? Wendy Davis is the new blonde bombshell super star of the Democrat Party after her filibuster of a sweeping bill pushed by Texas Republicans that would according to the Washington Post  would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is about four weeks before a fetus is viable; mandate abortion clinics to meet the same standards as hospital-style surgical centers; and require doctors who perform the procedure to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.

On the bill itself I suppose we can say Democrats now oppose high safety standards for abortion clinics; among other things.

In Wendy Davis’s America stars are born among those who defend the indefensible. In Wendy Davis’s America a woman of her background is the exception to the rule, that in the mind of abortion supporters the rule is most children don’t deserve a chance. Gov. Perry is quite correct, you would think the woman knew her own background and perhaps might have drawn a little insight from her personal narrative. Go figure

In Wendy Davis’s America she is the heroine of the story, whereas the Lila Rose’s of the world are the enemy. They’ve betrayed their sisters in the feminist movement because they have long decided the life of a child is more important than the self centered needs of sexually promiscuous career women living in New York. Lila Rose and others like her stand for an idea that children of all races and genders ought have an opportunity to experience life; how exactly is that the agenda of the villain?

In Wendy Davis’s those who fight to uphold this dark age medial procedure that has been the cause of entire generations of human beings wiped from existence are cheered and propped up by a media invested in the same murder for hire act.

What kind of country do we live in where a woman who supports the murder of innocent children is suddenly labeled the next big thing in politics?

I only ask that we treat the pro-life crusaders with the same praise and rapturous applause, though the crowd wants blood apparently so I won’t count on it.

For those of you kissing this woman’s flat butt over this filibuster give your lips a rest and while you’re at it think about what you’re celebrating. Ms. Davis filibustered a bill that bans late term abortion.

Let’s apply that same standard to Kermit Gosnell, since after all we’re now living in Wendy Davis’s America.

Why the silence from the crowd over Dr. Gosnell’s blood bath? You support late term murder so applaud the murderer oh ye in the Colosseum.

Why didn’t you glorify the man who murdered innocent child after innocent child like it was nothing? Help me figure this one out.

If there are any abortion supporters who read this explain to me how Wendy Davis is not the same as Kermit Gosnell when they both support late term murder

In Wendy Davis’s America we’re so starved for role models and noble voices we’re willing to lower our standards to that of the dust on the ground.

This woman did nothing heroic. She simply opposed a bill that any rational American would support, if anything it shows just how radical she is.

Does she represent women or a certain kind of woman?

And to all those in the abortion movement do you represent women or a certain kind of woman?

Do you represent those women in the Midwest where I’m from who have three kids and whose husbands work full time to put food on the table. Those women who stay at home and make sure their kids have lunch for school and are ready by the time the bus stops in front of the house. Ask the women who attend my church and millions like them if they think Wendy Davis is a hero.

No woman who supports abortion is a hero, they’re an abettor.

Wendy Davis you are the queen troll of all kinds of so much trolling and you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

The fact that who have the kind of background most single mothers could use as a positive example makes you all the more troll worthy given your extreme views on abortion. Troll you and go troll yourself hard.

And to those women who support Davis and the Democrat Party: I hope you know you’re being bought for some condoms and a birth control pill. Which honestly that’s what most of you homely dried out broads are worth.




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