The Melting Pot Is Boiling Over

“America’s a nation of immigrants” is the superficial response we often hear from the supporters of open ended amnesty when it comes to immigration reform. They argue, among other things that America should be the last nation so readily focused on implementing any kind of strident measures that promote stronger immigration laws, punishment for those who break the law, and a tough set of border related security measures that halt potential national security violations that create opportunity for drug cartels and or worse, international terrorists.

We heard of those news reports a few years back about Hamas and Hezbollah backed terrorists exploiting the lack of concrete security on the southern border near Mexico. Reports suggested that these terrorist groups were using the southern border to enter the United States and plot attacks on several key targets within the country. The nightmare scenario of course was the possibility of a terrorist group illegally entering the country with a dirty bomb or biological weapon and setting it off in a major city.

Despite the recent attacks in Boston, documented proof of drug cartels and Islamic terrorists exploiting our weak border security, the left continues to promote and use the false idea of the “Immigrant Nation” and the melting pot as a selling point for amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform. This idea of a melting pot was legitimate decades prior to what we have now in America which essentially is a nation of low skilled workers, federal dependents, massive unemployment, envy, anxiety, and fear about the future. Those components alone create a toxic mixture that ought not be provoked with a new push for a mass influx of immigrants from non-English speaking poverty nations.

What good will come of adding 12 million or so Mexicans who can’t speak English, aren’t properly educated, and can’t or won’t assimilate into American society for whatever reason?

And on this issue of the melting pot you know its funny how the left will go to bat for the low skilled Hispanic from Tijuana yet we hardly hear the same cheer leading for the aspiring doctor from New Delhi or the business major from Bangladesh.

And the answer to that which we ponder concerning this is simple: The left needs the low skilled illiterate from Tijuana more so than the aspiring doctor from New Delhi because if you have massive numbers of low skilled Mexicans flooding the country you create several election cycles worth of new Democrat voters who will vote based on their need to keep their federal benefits rolling like the gravy train.

It suits Democrats more to have an increased number of immigrants stroll into America if they’re coming from nations where the education levels aren’t as high, the literacy among these people are very low, and more importantly they are in a job field where union membership is more likely.

Would this issue of immigration be as heated and would Democrats be as “passionate” about this issue say if we were talking about India, or Africa, or immigrants from Europe trying desperately to reach the shores of the United States so they can one day become doctors, lawyers, and architects?

No of course not because the doctors, lawyers, and architects are less likely to vote Democrat but the low skilled brown man with very little education, can be exploited and coerced with welfare. This is an issue of exploitation with is another piece to the left’s ultimate plan. Exploit the lesser of peoples to feed your own agenda.

Republicans so far have failed to properly articulate the con job being foisted upon a race of people by Democrats, the media, and the left in general. The livelihood of brown folks is being played with because no one has the sincere heart and the boldness to stand for them. La Raza those sell out Hispanics who claim to represent the common brown man stay with their lips firmly glued to the buttocks of the Democrat Party.

Senator Marco Rubio sold every conservative a lemon and for that I’m not so sure we should unite behind the idea of his running for president in 2016.

Meanwhile we’re left with an immigration system in a state of utter decay and a border left unattended. Welcome to the browning of America.

Her melting pot surely runneth over.



El Fantasma


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