Why Is Marco Rubio Running From The Truth Spoken By One Of His Aides?

One of the arguments for embracing a more comprehensive approach to illegal immigration is the idea that many natural born American citizens simply will not lower themselves to apply for and or work the kinds of “low-wage” jobs that immigrants from South America have been all too willing to accept. This has been argued from both sides of this long winded and politically exploited debate about brown people who run across the desert for a job picking oranges and strawberries.

This sentiment was expressed by an aide to Florida Senator and current immigration reform poster boy Marco Rubio (R). Apparently this aide believes that there are many Americans who quote, “Can’t cut it” when it comes to working. Now, before we get our conservative g-strings in a bunch let’s consider the kind of country we’re currently living in in 2013. More over let’s consider what kind of country we’ve been living in since President Obama took office in January of 2009. Furthermore, let’s consider what kind of country we’ve been living in since the dawn of the “Entitlement Mentality”.

Americans today, have a greater sense of entitlement than was the case when my mom and dad were growing up in the 1960’s and 70’s. The same can be said of my grandmother and grandfather who grew up during the 20’s, and 30’s. Most Americans don’t want to work for what they want, the problem is they want a lot more than they’re willing to work for. The American dream has become a fantasy stint in delusional expectation and needless desire for something unimportant. The focal point for this sudden sense of unearned reward can be grouped within those of the ages 16-35 and politically liberal. In terms of racial lines most are African American and young white adults who call either their parents three story house in the suburbs home, or that of their dorm on the campus of Columbia, NYU, and Berkeley.

I found nothing wrong or inaccurate with what this aide to Senator Rubio said. He was essentially describing the state of American 2013. A current state where low wage work is frowned upon despite the fact that Americans of all stripes need a job. There’s a need for a job and there’s wanting a job. Immigrants willing to risk their life crossing the deserts of Arizona or the oceans off the coast of Florida need a job, the children of the federal safety net who have been conditioned to expect more than they deserve simply, simply want a job. That want is motivated by a need however to finance a lifestyle far beyond their means.

That being said there are many Americans willing to do what they have to do in order to make a living. This of course staying within the realms of moral and legal guidelines; stripping and selling dope aren’t last resort excuses.

I think the point this aide was going for was this sense that at least a majority of Americans for many reasons simply cannot keep up with this long standing narrative of the traditional American worker. The image of the hard working man and woman in factory putting in work like a champ. That image and that reality has long faded across time. Government programs, a lack of a strong educational system, lack of desire and motivation among many Americans, and an overall loss of purpose and long term vision makes for a less prepared, less willing, and more fragile workforce.

Not everyone is made for college they say, but tragically those who supposedly are just waste thousands of money having sex, killing brain cells, and listening to an angry 40 something year old hippie with a pony tail and a bald spot on the top of his head spouting nonsense about socialism and white Republican men. All that for some Gender Studies degree that lands them nowhere but back into that same old bedroom they were in as teenagers with mom and dad in the room next door and their sixteen year old brother in the basement.

If we want to return to the glory days of the American workforce we must be willing to embrace the idea of rebuilding the workforce. Instead we continue to appease the egos of folks in this country who wanna act entitled when it comes to work, when in reality they ain’t gotta pot to piss in.

Again not all Americans act this way, but just enough to have an effect on our economic and societal future.

When it comes to immigration I support following the law and enforcing the border, but if legal immigrants want to take advantage of the opportunities still around in America job wise heck I say bring on Juan, bring on Carlos, bring on Abdul, bring on Maria, and anyone else willing to humble themselves and start from the bottom.

Ain’t no shame in their fruit picking game.

Be easy fam



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