Where Would We Be Without the Clintons?

What would the world look like if the Clintons never existed? Or I should say if they weren’t in politics? You know, at some point someone has to step in and say wait a minute, these people daughter Chelsea excluded from the conversation of course, Bill and Hillary Clinton are two of the most dishonest, scheming, two faced, political con artists to ever grace the American landscape.

I won’t rag on Chelsea because she’s had no hand in her parents history and she’s not a political figure so I won’t go there. I’m against going after the spouse or children of a politician but if your wife or husband is heavily involved in your political career and have one of their own to stand on; fair game brotha.

I hope Hillary runs for president in 2016 because I unlike every Republican without balls, which is pretty much every Republican these days feel like she would be a rather easy opponent for whoever emerges from the GOP side. The lady is easy work based on her stint as Sec. of State alone; but add to that a lack of any real signature legislation, lack of executive experience, and her riding the coattails of her husband’s presidency; Mrs. Clinton is like an onion without its layers. Peel it back and you’re left with not much of anything of real significance.

And now Bill, good ol’ Billy boy. What would this world be like without Bill Clinton the most overrated president in American history. The political equivalent to a system quarterback if I ever seen one. You could say he was responsible for the greatest period of economic growth since the Reagan era, but if you’re honest you would say had it not been for Newt Gingrich and the 1994 Republican take over there would be no Bill Clinton, or an economic period of growth that rivals the Reagan years.

When I say Bill’s a “system quarterback” I mean he took advantage of pieces that were in place to make him look good. Without that system you’re exposed for what you really are. Would Bill Clinton be a two term president had it not been for the Republicans? Would he have moved to the center had Democrats maintained their power after the ’94 midterm election?

From lower taxes to welfare reform, Bill Clinton declared “the era of big government was over”, because Republicans said so Willie.

Of course Monica Lewinsky and the perjury charges, impeachment, that was all Bill.

I don’t dislike the Clintons so much as I don’t believe the hype that surrounds them.

Oh but a global initiative can solve all that plagues a natural born liar and his wife. Benghazi, a bj in the White House, perjury, state department officials having their fill of hookers, underground drug rings, and pedophilia (can’t forget that of course), WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!

It’s the Clintons, they have a global initiative; be cool money.

I mean heck Alex Wagner wants to be adopted by them. Well at least they would finally have an attractive daughter, oh I said I wouldn’t rag on Chelsea my bad.

What would this world be like without Bill and Hillary Clinton?

A bit more honest

A bit more sincere

Less horny lol

slightly overweight chicks would get less love

Hookers in Russia and Colombia would be unemployed

the state department would be on the up and up

Benghazi wouldn’t have happened

Underground drug rings would go unattended

Ambassador Stevens would be alive


…But eh, what difference does it make?


Be easy fam



El Fantasma





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