When Arrogance Rules A Nation: What Is Border Security?

Why is border security so important? Well, as I stated above imagine your home in South Central Los Angeles, circa 1991. Imagine that home without a fence, without a front door, a back door, and without a viable home security system in place. Now, would you feel safe living there? Could you sleep soundly at night knowing you had no front or back door and the neighborhood was boiling over with gang violence?

Now imagine the United States if we allowed a complete breakdown of our immigration system in terms of border security and enforcement of the law. One must feel for residents in El Paso and other US cities that hug the border with Mexico; the heat grows hotter by the minute because drug violence from Mexico creeps ever closer to our neck of the woods.

This can no longer be about scoring points with brown folks but about establishing a system of laws and security so that brown folks, white folks, yellow folks, slightly browner folks, black folks, and crispy crunchy black folks (like myself) can live in a nation that above all else upholds the idea of a safe and civil society.

I don’t understand the fear many Republicans have in dealing with this issue. As if we simply cannot explain, in Spanish if we must, to Hispanics and Latinos that a safe and secure border is in their best interest as well. I’m not going to assume that older Hispanics don’t care about the well being of this country so that their children and grandchildren will inherit an America this not only economically viable, but in terms of domestic security and the advancement of our society,  isn’t busting out at the seams Dolly Parton style.

It is more important to secure the border and enforce the law than it is to make sure we don’t offend people. If a certain group is offended by the idea of securing the southern border than we’re in more trouble than I thought. What exactly do Hispanics, and their allies find offensive about the idea of border security?

You know what, I bet if you drown out the likes of La Raza, the Democrat Party, and the media and you just speak to everyday brown and tan Americans I’m guarantee you they want the same things you or I would want when it comes to sound immigration policy.

When arrogance rules a nation we get comprehensive immigration reform that does nothing to solve the problem of illegal immigration, but darn if it don’t give Democrats a reason to exploit the brown man. You see because as long as we continue to dwell on immigration reform and immigration in general Democrats will play the race card and exploit the lives of illegal immigrants.

The welfare senorita I guess they call em?

To my brown people, please use a cushion when you sit because the way you’re about to get son’d by Democrats the next couple of elections; well, just ask the black community. You’re the new “it” demographic so your exploitation is inevitable.

However both sides are looking to score a little:

Republicans are desperately trying to show Hispanics they aren’t a bunch of racist white guys and in so doing they dance around the issue of securing the border and instead appease a twisted conventional wisdom.

Democrats are doing what Democrats always do and that’s exploit a minority group for political purpose and at the same time label Republicans as Xenophobic plantation owners.

Meanwhile what does the brown man get out of this? He’s still exploited, unfairly demonized, and his family is in just as much danger living in a border town as the white farmer in El Paso, Texas.

I feel bad for this country because the lawmakers just do enough you know? Enough to tinker around the edges just to say they did something and try to grab the win before the other side can claim “victory”.

Who knows what will become of this current immigration bill making the rounds.

Meanwhile operatives from drug cartels stake claim in cities around America and do business without consequence.

The government will read your emails, track your phone records, investigate law abiding groups, but securing the border and cracking down on actual illegal activity….whoa whoa let’s not get ahead of ourselves.





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