And If Muslim Organizations Sponsored The Boy Scouts of America

What can I say about this decision by the Boy Scouts of America to allow openly gay young boys to participate in the Boy Scouts alongside straight young boys…I must admit, I did not anticipate this new reality where we’re left talking about gay boy scouts. My brother was a boy scout in the 1990’s and I’ve always had a deep respect and nostalgic appreciation for the Scouts; perhaps I’ve lost that feeling. This decision wasn’t easy I’m sure but was it all that difficult? Was money behind it? The new race to make sure one doesn’t offend one group? Why are Christians made to feel like we can’t sneeze unless we have a towel wrapped around our head yet those who openly hate our faith can puke on our shoes?

I know from the word which I quote, Jesus said the world will hate Christians because it hated him first; this is a verse I quote often. The Savior also said if you are of the world it will love you like a son, but since he chose to remove Christians from the world, the world will disown them.

Did you know Christ was present when the Father created the world? Yet still the world didn’t know Jesus. How could this be?

Why do a small minority of sinners (Let’s be real) and their sympathetic lot continue to defile and twist as many institutions as they can get their hands on? Simple: Christ laid out what was to come in the last days, and the Devil though defeated has many sons and daughters who are unknowingly beholden to his agenda which is to kill, steal, and destroy; be it the human race or the Gospels.

I hate to ponder this hypothetical but lets: If Muslim Organizations sponsored the Boy Scouts of America I doubt we have this issue to contend with.

Point blank period, the gay movement wouldn’t dare fathom the idea of protesting the policy of the Boy Scouts if this were a majority Muslim backed organization instead of a majority Christian supported one. There’s something about Muslims and that seem to get a pass in all they do in terms of being anti-gay and anti-woman.

I almost wish this country were majority Muslim than Christian because I don’t think we would have these issues. Would we have courts overturning Prop 8 in California? Would we have state by state approval of same sex marriage? Would President Obama dare overturn DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)? I don’t think so.

If this were a majority Muslim nation gay people and their supportive lot would think twice about harassing Mosque goers because they voted overwhelmingly to keep marriage between a man and a woman.

It’s easy to harass Christians and mock Jesus Christ because even Christ said these things will happen. But it would be nice to see how difficult it would be to mock Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed. To mock Mohammed is death, homosexuals and those who hate Christianity have a sort of weird comfort knowing despite all the foul evil things they say about believers and Christ their lives are never in danger for doing so.

Christians might be opposed to the recent decision by the Boy Scouts but expect no violent protests around the world, no fatwah placed on the head of every homosexual walking the Earth, not even a rebel yell.

I hate what the Boy Scouts have become because I hate how we’ve turned yet another neutral institution into a political chess piece. What’s next? I don’t get it with the gays, you want to be treated normal yet you want separate special treatment and special exceptions for being gay; make up your minds.

I’d say they’re confused.

I’ll end with this and you know this might rub people raw but its reality: You can have this Earthly kingdom and all your hearts desire as gay people in this world, you can have the Boy Scouts and everything else. But when it comes to God’s Kingdom I’m afraid you aren’t on the list, because homosexuals won’t inherit the Kingdom; that’s Corinthians.

You mad bro?



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