Rules and Compassion: Immigration

I like to think of myself as a compassionate person. I caught much heat for my assessment of God’s relation to the United States. I have long felt this nation sort of works in a series of contradictions in every aspect of our national fabric. As a born again Christian I adhere to both a duty of compassion for those less fortunate and the lost, however the rules illustrated through the commandments of God and how I am to live my life are far more relevant to my salvation than feeding the hungry.


Immigration is one of those issues of compassion and rule of law that has sadly been dragged through the political mud with all the pigs and other filth seeking to max out on as much capital as the issue warrants. Both sides have dropped the ball and not surprisingly neither side has the answer to this problem. Make no mistake the American immigration and border system is a problem the likes of which could very well work toward our undoing.

Compassion steers the heart toward more unreasonable options such as amnesty and a lax border, I should say the recognition of a border rather than the absolute recognition of laws that make up border security. Is it far more compassionate to provide safe haven for anchor babies whose mothers gave birth in America before returning to Mexico, or is it compassionate to make certain the laws and measures are preserved so that young immigrant children from Mexico and elsewhere can live in a country that has an established system that assures security?

The DREAM Act was nothing more than a political free lunch from the school cafeteria to young Hispanics and Latinos so they could make sure who to vote for.

If we fail to secure our border and create a climate of predictability when it comes to immigration we do a disservice to both the nation and its incoming new citizens looking for opportunity. Where’s the compassion in that?

Yes the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and the road to cultural, financial, and social hell could possibly be paved with intentions noble in their concept but when realized they simply cannot hold up to reality.

The argument made by the left is that these 11 million or so illegal aliens living in America have contributed to this country and so therefore an acknowledged right to citizenship ought to be recognized through that alone. Well, drug dealers I’m sure contributed millions to urban jungles across America but last I checked drug dealing was illegal; and African American communities were laid waste by those of street hustle profession.

The contribution of illegal aliens do not make up for the fact that they committed an illegal act in the first place.

Let us at last be reasonable in what we do in this country, there is a viable solution to the problem. Compassion and rules are not in conflict with one another so assuming one is without compassion just because they don’t sign off on amnesty for 11 million illegals is misguided.

Like I said I’m as compassionate as they come but I’m also one who supports the rule of law. America like any other nation without laws is a breeding ground for anarchy.

Besides the left fails to mention the fact that they tend to live in areas less likely to be affected by an influx of illegal immigration. And if these liberals live in California which a lot of them do, they don’t seem to have a problem with the group of illegals cutting their lawns or watching their children during the day. Maybe that’s why they support amnesty; more staff for the kitchen and lawn.



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