Is God For America?

Proverbs 14:34 I think lays it out perfectly: “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin condemns any people” 

Where is she this, righteous and perfect America that shining city on a hill? Why is America exceptional but so utterly unbalanced within its own borders? Does the world still believe we’re the model nation or are we trying to play the same old record in an iPod age?

What makes an abortion so exceptional? What makes homosexuality and gay marriage so exceptional? What makes our violent video game and movie culture so exceptional? What makes our hyper partisan and dishonest political system the envy of the world and so exceptional? What makes our sexual deviance and pornography driven culture so exceptional? Our freedoms are a double edged sword which has mortally wounded us.

Is America exceptional or wicked?

I’m not anti-American just against the sinful things that happen within the confides of America.

Moore, Oklahoma was an act of God if you’ll ever see in your life you better believe it. And let me tell you something else God Almighty is far from done  unless we repent for the things we’ve done, accepted, or excused over the years.

How can we claim to be a peaceful nation that supports human rights when there are millions of abortions performed in this country every year. I’m talking about entire generations of human beings wiped out, more than any F5 twister could do.

Why does it take some historic disaster or mass shooting to get American citizens realize the meaning of community and actually treating one another with dignity and respect? When’s the last time you had a conversation with your neighbor where you actually shook hands or hugged rather than over the internet talking between a LCD flat screen monitor.

These events are tragic but in his own infinite way God is systematically ripping us from the false security of our comfort zones.

Those folks in Moore, Oklahoma and Shawnee will come together and unite more so because they have no choice. Hopefully and I pray this in Jesus name, the communities there remain unified long after the final home is rebuilt.

May they stand together as one during peaceful sunny skies as well as severe turbulent weather.

God is telling us something my friends and we better listen loud and clear.

Look at how we act in this country. We don’t know each other, we’re divided black against white, brown against black, liberal against conservative, every segment of the population is playing off one another in some unnecessary shouting match. The poor hate the rich because the rich have all the cash, the rich hate the poor because they believe poor people are lazy and need to stop depending on the government. Class warfare, cultural warfare, religious warfare in some cases.

Like I said earlier, you don’t know your neighbor and you don’t know the parents of your kid’s best friend.

We’ll send our hearts and pay lip service to Moore, Oklahoma like we did with Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy. But when the new Xbox comes out we’re back to our disconnected selves.

This had nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the changing view of God concerning America. He’s angry to say the least.

The more we murder, and lie, sell more porno and our youth buy more drugs and alcohol because we have the highest appetite for narcotics and alcohol in the world it seems, the more we sit in front of a television screen or inside a movie theater and pump hours and hours of violence and explicit language and mockery into our minds and our ears the more we’re going to slide down the hole into the pit.

What kind of individual would watch movies where kids are getting blown away but then when a tornado kills seven children or twenty children are blasted in half in Newtown all the sudden it ain’t funny anymore; it ain’t entertainment then.

The left calls it global warming, the right says it’s unfortunate, I call it God. That tornado was an act of an angry God whose patience is running thin with this country.

I was watching NOW with Alex Wagner and they were talking about the acceptance of an era of extreme weather in this country. Imagine that, Americans might now have to just accept this new era of killing storms that take no prisoners. But what does the book say?

2 Chronicles 7:14“if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

We want God to save us after the fact. We don’t need him when we’re sitting in the nice plush home but we need him when the home is coming down.

God is definitely in America but I’m not sure he’s for America these days. How can God be for something that is opposite of himself? If the Lord said the children belong to me do you think God is for abortion? If God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah do you think God is for a bunch of sweaty men laying up with each other? If God said thou shalt have no other gods before me, do you think God is for our increased idol worship of celebrities and the celebrity culture?

Saying America is wicked doesn’t make you anti-American, it makes you honest.

I hate that so many lives were wiped out this week but things will get worse.

Can’t blame God I mean he gave us the guidelines in the form of his commandments. Not only that he said you know what Noah I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to flood this earth again I promise. What I’ll do is send this world a savior, my son name Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was the pathway to escape judgement and the grave. If Christ died on the cross for a generation not yet born, if he suffered for my life, the least I could do is surrender mine to him and live clean.

No drinking, no fornication outside marriage, treating my fellow man with respect, respecting the importance of life, treating women with respect, honoring my mother and father, taking an hour out of my day to fellowship in church, don’t use idol words, don’t be greedy and selfish, don’t be violence an commit murder, help those less fortunate than myself. And most important accepting Christ as my personal savior by repenting for my sins and confessing that he is the son of God and the Lord and Savior of the human race.

God’s not asking you to cut your arm off and sacrifice a virgin, but that you confess your sins and accept his son into your life.

We have to have alcohol in this country? Does drinking beer make watching a football game more of an experience than say a cold soda? What is it about pot and other narcotics that give you a feeling that peace and stability in Christ cannot?

Sloppy drunk and falling out ignorant is better than what exactly? High I mean torched out your brain just gone is better than what exactly?

Sleeping with every piece of booty you see in the bars and nightclubs gets you where exactly, but the clinic.

God is a merciful and teaching God but make no mistake he is a God of wrath and judgment that is absolute. God does not deal in the gray my friends.

These mass shootings and monster storms don’t have to be our new normal, believe it or not.

And people say well what about the end times and you Revelation talks about famines and droughts, earthquakes and extreme weather. Right, but you I started repenting and praying for my family, this nation, and my neighborhood and by the time the same storm system that struck Oklahoma reached Missouri all we got was lightning and heavy rain. We were supposed to get tornadoes by the time Monday evening hit but God spared us because his word is truth. He said if those who are called by my name repent and seek my face I will heal their land.

Repentance and prayer works even in these the last days before Christ returns.

So I pray in the name of Jesus that the residents of Moore and every American truly seek the face of the living God and repent for their wickedness. I pray that the families affected by the storms find peace in God’s word and his presence, and I pray this nation is spared the judgment of God and that every lip confess Jesus Christ is Lord, amen.



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