I Pray Lizz Winstead Never Has To Experience The Loss Of A Child: The Ghost Man Roasteth The Bat Crazy Lib Astrocreep

Lizz Winstead is best known for being the head writer and co-creator of the Daily Show on Comedy Central; you know the one with Jon Stewart. Look I’m not going to call for some silly boycott or anything like that because I absolutely support Ms. Winstead’s freedom of speech and her right to be an insensitive jack hole. She is in fact an insensitive jack hole who judging by how unfunny the Daily Show is, she’s also a crappy writer. But I support her right to be a sort of crossed eyed, unfunny, crappy writer jack hole who like most female liberals, or well liberals in general, have this deep personal sadness about them which serves as a trigger for their public antipathy toward Christians, Jesus, Republicans, and conservatives…oh and Sarah Palin.

Like Kathy Griffin the red headed soulless plastic surgery having, skinny shriveled up bitter tranny, Lizz Winstead strikes me as the type who grew up the ugly duckling that no guy wanted to get with. So all throughout her life she held this anger inside until finally she got her big break and uses it to exercise her revenge toward people she sees as the representation of those who tormented her during high school. Sounds deep but most of the liberal stand up comedians have that way about them because well, most of them were bullied as youngsters.

That being said I pray Lizz Winstead never has to experience the tragic loss of a child. Whether it’s a tornado or whatever, the loss of a child period is something so sad and devastating I don’t wish that on my worst enemy’s worst enemy. My mom experienced the loss of a child, my aunt had the misfortune of experiencing the loss of her oldest son last summer when my cousin was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident. No parent should have to bury their child long before their days.

I apologize on behalf of Lizz Winstead and my heart will forever go out to the parents of the children who died in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. I only wish Lizz Winstead had the integrity and the honor to put others before herself. She just had to make that joke on Twitter? No, but she did because she’s selfish. Better to make a funny at the expense of those who are in pain because her fans beckon, oh do they beckon for the court jester.

Tornadoes tend not to touch down in Hollywood or New York City, how convenient.

Isn’t that like a liberal, kick a person when they’re too vulnerable to fight back.

God bless Moore, OK and the families of those who have lost.

Romans 8:28-“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”



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