Is President Obama A Liar?

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There seems to be a sort of conventional wisdom that has developed from the latest scandals plaguing the Obama administration: That despite at the very least some ineptitude on his part, overall President Obama’s hands on involvement in the IRS scandal in particular is highly unlikely and that it looks as though the players within the agency were acting alone.

But is our president a liar? Did past presidents lie at any point during their administration? Do men lie, are there liars in the human race?

Are we not so flawed that even our elected leaders extend the truth like a Stretch Armstrong doll? Or are we so convinced by our own perceptions that we cannot accept the possibility that Mr. Obama lies, if not about these scandals, perhaps about something else?

I have long accepted what my government is: Which is to say my government is wicked and at best has bouts with the truth, however the federal arm seems to strangle honesty more often than not. All men lie, let’s repeat, all men lie.

No man is above his own imperfections, you cannot logically argue a case that shows Mr. Obama has never lied during his life much less his time as president of the United States.

Sometimes lying is the only way you can withhold classified information, sometimes lying is the only way you can save your rear.

I go by history and like Angel Garcia says: “Tha tru hurts ma frien”

And the “tru” is that President Obama has a long history of verbal jabs directed at the right, Fox News, the Tea Party, and conservative talk radio.

But even if he didn’t order the IRS to put the muscle on conservative grass roots organizations; what’s stopping him from doing it in the future?

So he’s Jesus Christ now and he doesn’t have dislike or annoyance in his heart for anyone I suppose? So when he sparks a few words about Fox News and conservative opposition that’s not coming from the heart? You think he would much rather have his opposition the least bit handicapped or hassled in a way that will inconvenience them? Then you don’t know politics because both Democrats and Republicans forever seek a way to give it to their opponents. And those ways aren’t relegated to the moral and legal boundaries of the arena; you must not know Richard Nixon.

All’s fair in love, war, and politics because man it’s a jungle out there; and a lion’s gotta eat home boy.

The culture of politics is about lying when it counts and leaving no trace like a silencer on your steel.

What concerns me is the fact that the American people are gullible enough to accept at face value that the President never lies ever.

But he’s Messiah like, but from what word was Mr. Obama made flesh? Rules for Radicals

I hope when these hearings and investigations and scandals are done away with the American people don’t fall into being convinced that President Obama was always an honest person, but that it will raise the level of skepticism about his administration and big government in general.

We shouldn’t have such a level of blind trust for our presidents to where they’re automatically eliminated from the conversation about dishonesty because well, we want them to be what we want them to be.

Keep in mind we don’t know any of our presidents past, present, and future. I have no idea who Barack Obama is on a personal level because I only know him from his public perception.

But even that gets distorted because the media for five years tried to play this man off as if the public knows him like an old pal or family member.

His name is Barack Obama and he’s a married father of two from Hawaii; other than that and what he did in politics, I have no idea who this man is.

How can you trust anyone you don’t see face to face on an everyday basis?

When it comes to President Obama we weirdly throw everything we know about human nature out the door, why?

He never lies, he never does wrong by the people, he never gets it just a bit off, he’s always right, and he can solve all our problems if we just follow him.

That’s not a president, that’s a false god idol.


Here’s what I think is going on in this administration:

I think there’s been attempts to try and silence the opposition which is stronger and more vocal than the president and his team first anticipated. I think that angers him a great deal because the conservative movement has done a good job at building a worthy defense in response to this far far left legislative agenda that’s coming from the White House. And as a result the President I believe gave the nod here and there for different agencies within the government to use necessary means to try and intimidate or discredit the other side. Now, does he have a history of acting in a way that leaves more blood on the floor so to speak than on his hands? Without a doubt, but the idea that Mr. Obama is completely innocent of having involvement in these scandals is moronic.

You can call it conspiracy Mark Dice black helicopter lizard people talk if you want, power is a heckuva drug to those it has made an addict.



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