Jason Chaffetz's Irresponsible Talk Of Impeachment Being An Option On The Table

The Republican Congressman from Utah Jason Chaffetz said something very irresponsible during an interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN yesterday. He said while it’s not his ultimate goal impeachment is still an option he’s willing to leave on the table when it comes to President Obama and Benghazi. Jason Chaffetz is a moron, not because he’s stupid, but because he said something only a moron would say given the reality of things.

The reality: Suggesting impeachment as an option on the table when it comes to the first black president is very dangerous politically.

And if Reince Priebus and those boys in the establishment want to position the party going forward in a way that gives them a better shot at increasing their chances with minority voters then this kind of talk coming from the Congressman needs to cease. We live in a nation and a society where the name of the game is victim hood, where anyone and anything can be used to spark those feelings of antipathy and grievance along racial and economic lines. President Obama is guilty of many things are president, he’s a cold blooded killer and a liar but I wouldn’t impeach him for the world, if I knew it would ultimately ruin my party’s chances in 2014 and 2016.

Republicans are already trying to fight off this stigma that they only care about rich white men and largely ignore the plight and issues affecting the Black and Latino community.

If the GOP got less than 30% support from those communities in 2012, imagine what that percentage would be if President Obama is impeached from office.

Again I know he’s not saying this as an absolute but leaving it on the table as a viable option is equally destructive. You cannot impeach President Obama, plain and simple. You cannot impeach him for the same reasons you wouldn’t be able to impeach the first homosexual, first woman, first Hispanic, or first transgender president; unless of course they were Republicans but that’s another matter.

Our country has changed for the worst now and conservatives need to accept that. The things you could do or say thirty years ago you cannot do or say in 2013. People are more sensitive, more angry, and there are a lot more ways to exploit that anger and sensitivity and as a result the likelihood of possible eruption among these groups are much higher than in the past.

If black people were willing to riot over Rodney King and the Los Angeles Police Department God knows they’re going to spark off if the first African American president is impeached.

I’m telling you this isn’t the past, our society is more unstable and unpredictable for a variety of reasons.

Also if you want the best way to get the media back on the side of this president then impeachment and talk thereof would be your best bet.

Lastly, it takes these very credible and serious scandals like Benghazi and it gives ammunition to those who from the very beginning saw this as political witch trials conducted by Republicans. If you start talking about impeachment it takes Benghazi and turns it into an issue no longer worth taking serious by the media or the public. It makes it about Republicans trying to get Obama, and that’s where this whole thing will be lost.

Win the game, stop trying to focus so much on winning one quarter. We win the game by building on a narrative which is more about trust and government than trust in President Obama. He’ll be gone after this term and say he is impeached, what will the future look like for Republicans who focused on getting him rather than getting the White House back in 2016. And the two are not, and have never been mutually exclusive.



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