President Obama: "Scope and Range"

“Scope and Range” would have been a cooler campaign theme to be honest. The scope of President Obama’s imperial tendencies, the tentacles of this administration seeping into the fabric like cat urine, curling around every corner like a telephone cord. From Drones to Benghazi, the IRS, unconstitutional appointments on a labor relations panel, Solyndra, Fast and Furious (not the movie but Michelle Rodriguez is just, man she’s so great…enough said), the Associated Press, a hit list, I’m actually surprised at the number of scandals that have gone on under this administration. But as Jim Geraghty writes in his National Review article quote, “You hope and change true believers were a bunch of chumps”. And I agree with that statement although I would add the true believers of hope and change are still bitterly clinging to the president’s penis with their lips like folks in Pennsylvania bitterly cling to their guns and their religion.

And unlike Jim Geraghty I have a name for this turn of events: “Scope and Range”. Simple, to the point, and accurate. The scope being the measures to which this president and his crew will go to horde power and influence, and the range in which his power and influence will find itself; intimidation, political motives, yes every administration has done it but two wrongs don’t make a right winger my friend. Nor does it make these scandals mere right wing fantasies used to hurt President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Regardless of what the short bus clique over at the Daily Kos want to believe, these scandals are real, they’re a plenty, and they go way back like Afros and eight track tape.

When reports came out that administration officials were wooing the White House press corp with donuts, you think they knew something was about to hit kid? I mean, Obama hates the press even though they kiss his left butt cheek on the regular.

Scope and Range is the street hardened, ex convict, identity thief, short tempered distant relative of Hope and Change. They’ve met once at a family get together but they never really talked because they don’t have very much in common. But neither do Hope and Change and President Obama.

You see I’ve long determined that this President is more aligned with Scope and Range than the more soft, appealing cousin Hope and Change.

And this is why we fail, because we’re incapable of considering the very really and documented possibility that our presidents can and often times will do things that are questionable at best, and just plain corrupt.

President Obama I’m afraid is a very corrupt man with a very corrupt administration just as was the case with his predecessor. Two wrongs do not make a right and so that excuse is like a dookie stick son it belongs in the toilet.

Bush did it first so President Obama is off the hook? George Bush gave us the Patriot Act, one of the most unconstitutional blobs of legislation man has ever known, so when President Obama not only supported it as a candidate but extended much of its more controversial measures as president during his first term, it’s okay because Bush did it first? No!

Fast and Furious began during the Bush administration, so continuing the same failed operation during President Obama’s first term which led to the death of Brian Terry was okay because Bush did it first? C’mon son

The left says George Bush murdered thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children because of the war, but President Obama has murdered thousand of innocent women and children in Pakistan and Afghanistan because of the war and his hard on for drone strikes, so are they both wrong or is one wrong and the other excused because one started it first?

Time to get a new line, the old one is starting to fade




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If President Obama owned a night club you never ever want to be on the list, because you’ll probably end up dead before the night is done.