Black Nixon

The latest scandal coming down the pike might be the most damning to the current administration. The Internal Revenue Service has been caught with their finger up their nose for targeting groups politically opposed to the president’s legislative agenda. Said groups containing the words “Patriot”, “Constitution” , as well as many Tea Party organizations were under investigation by the IRS. Now if you’re Carl Bernstein you swear on a stack of Satanic bibles President Obama had nothing to do with this witch hunt, but you’d be a bigger fool than a 7 foot man who bought a Volkswagen Beetle. The president was very much involved with this scandal because if you know his history then you know Mr. Obama hates conservative talk radio, Fox News, and the Tea Party.

I know he said he would have the most transparent administration in history, and he still maintains such nonsense today but reality tells us the Obama administration is as equally corrupt and full of liars as the Nixon administration. The only difference being of course Richard Nixon had to deal with a media hell bent on making him look as bad to the American public as possible; whereas President Obama operates in a realm where the news media will do all they can to make sure he looks like the perfect president. The problem is there are no perfect humans, which is why human beings occupying that space called federal government ought to be the last people we cast as “perfect”. Even some of our best presidents weren’t perfect, which in a way made them such great leaders because they recognized their own limitations as men and never tried to place themselves or their legacies above the greater good.

President Obama is arrogant, dishonest, and completely in love with the idea of his own legacy, which so far in this second term he’s done more to sour his lasting image than polish it…unless he wants to start polishing turds.

I call him “Black Nixon” because he’s more Nixon than George Bush was Nixon, perhaps more Nixon than Richard Nixon. He operates in a fart bubble where he wants his way, gets his way 70% of the time, but when he doesn’t get his way he reacts to the word “No” or to opposition like a 5 year old who would was made king. You know that child ruler who is too immature and too focused on what he wants at the expense of the empire. President Obama is like 5 year old Richard Nixon if Nixon was a king.

You can’t compare our current president to the likes of Abe Lincoln because Lincoln was a man of honor and integrity. Unfortunately President Obama has never had to use those qualities because every moment in his political life was handed to him already completed; he just had to take credit. When everyone around you tells you what you want to hear and make like a bunch of “Yes” men then it will certainly throw you for a loop when a band of folks be it on talk radio, Fox News, the Tea Party, come around and reject the stuff you’re trying to sell. When they tell you no, guys like Mr. Obama can’t accept that because they’ve never heard it before.

So yes our President is corrupt or at the very least presiding over a very corrupt administration having no knowledge of such corruption. And if that is the case then what is worse for a president: Being one of the most politically corrupted presidents of all time or being the most politically absent minded president of all time? Either way you look bad.

This is an issue concerning the freedom of assembly, and the right to protest. If George Bush authorized similar actions against the anti-war crowd I would stand up for them like I stand with the different conservative groups being targeted by the IRS under President Obama. If liberals and conservatives don’t stand together on this basic freedom, which gives us the right to protest peacefully and defend a common cause then what are we left with in this country? We’re left with having to accept whatever our government does and no way of fighting back.


President Obama you are Black Nixon.

Sounds like a blacksploitation film


“Barack Obama is the president, and he’s paintin the White House black”



“We gots ta investigate these crackas, wanna jam a brotha up”

“Get the IRS to let em know, Black Nixon ain’t bout no crackas in ma grill protestin”

“Jam on dem cracka man, the brothas know the scoop now dig”

“They ain’t bout dis life, now we got ta wrap em jack”



El Fantasma

 The X-Man, catch me doing drills in the danger room 

big game hunting from high noon, til the full moon



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