If Hillary Clinton Were A White Male Republican Secretary Of State

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…Okay let’s begin-

If Hillary Clinton were a white male, Republican, working for a Republican president ther’es no question the media would have long gotten to the bottom of the Benghazi scandal instead of keeping it at the bottom of the news pile. You see Hillary Clinton must be president in 2016 there’s just no other way about it. Not only that she must be the first female president in American history because well, surely she’s the most qualified to be in that position. Chris Matthews, a man who once targeted her with such sexists attacks comparing her to an ex-wife, saying she only got where she is politically because her husband messed around, has suddenly come out in full pocket rocket support of Sec. of State Clinton; even going as far as to say she’s earned the right to be president. No, not earned the right to run for president, she’s earned the right to be president.

According to Chris Matthews she deserves to be handed the keys to the “Lamborghini” without having a driver’s license. Its all there for her, President Obama’s keeping the seat warm until 2016.

If Hillary Clinton were a Republican Secretary of State in a Republican administration the media would be writing her political demise. The headlines would read “Benghazi Scandal Grounds Clinton 2016 Hopes For Good?”

By the way I like how Marco Rubio drinking bottled water on camera during his response to President Obama’s state of the union address was more likely to kill his presidential hopes in 2016 according to the media than a government cover up of a terrorist attack where an ambassador was killed and administration officials were threatened if they were to speak out about it. And on top of that Nakoula Nakoula Besseley is still a political prisoner whose first amendment rights were violated by the Obama administration.

Rubio drinks bottled water on live television his future as a presidential candidate is on the ropes and will never recover, Hillary Clinton is responsible for the death of four Americans including an Ambassador, she’s got a smooth rode ahead to 2016 as the favorite.

I know its cliche but if this were a Republican no way the media would be so eager to bury it under the rug. And you don’t even have to wonder if this were a male Republican Sec. of State, if this were Michelle Bachman or Condoleezza Rice, think about it: Condoleezza Rice took hell for the Iraq War, if she had Benghazi hanging over her head, game over son.

But like I said Hillary Clinton is the heir to the throne so the media has to make sure her path to privilege is as smooth and scandal free as possible; even if they have to cover it up and just flat out deny that Benghazi ever happened; which if they really could get away with it the media would deny Benghazi ever happened.

I actually think she and Mark Sanford should run against each other in 2016. It could be dubbed “The Battle of the Scumbags”

It’s overstated but absolutely true, Republicans and Democrats get treated different by the media. Like I said Iraq still haunts Condoleezza Rice because the media will never let her live it down. I wonder what the coverage would look like if she ran in 2016 and Hillary ran in 2016.

I don’t give a crap how badly Hillary Clinton must become president or how historic it is, she lied, her boss lied, an Ambassador is dead along with three others, and no one seems to care. At least no one tasked with holding the government accountable and seeking out the truth..you know like the media?

Hey do you want a pair of lips to kiss or is Hillary’s a*s enough?

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