A Mark Sanford Victory In South Carolina Is Nothing To Be Proud Of

I know I’m beating a dead horse because Mark Sanford defeated Stephen Colbert’s sister in a special election held in South Carolina. It seems the former governor will have a second act as he returns to the House of Representatives for the first time in nineteen years. Conservatives not just in South Carolina but across the country I assume will breathe a sigh of relief because it looked for a nanosecond at least that Mark Sanford’s misadventures in the mountains would come back to haunt him. Stephen Colbert’s sister tried to tie him down with his personal life and use it to draw female support and hopefully ride that to a shocking upset in conservative deep red Republican owned South Carolina.

However Stephen Colbert’s sister sucked as a candidate and South Carolina is still too conservative for a liberal who tries to act as though she isn’t as liberal as we all know her to be. What were the odds of her not being as liberal as Stephen Colbert? I mean come on.

Having said all of that we’re still stuck with Mark Sanford. Mark Sanford is back because the people of South Carolina chose familiarity and ideology over integrity and standards. Let’s be clear, the voting standards of the American electorate are on par with the voting standards of those who judge wet t-shirt contests. I’m not surprised by the results in South Carolina and I won’t be surprised when Anthony Wiener is sworn in as the next mayor of New York.

But I would like to ask my fellow Americans to never ever complain about the people in office because you put them there. When President Obama’s supporters starting to complain about payroll taxes because their paychecks were smaller this year than last year, I just laughed and shook my head because got what they voted for.

And I’m not suggesting that Mark Sanford’s impact in Washington will equal the president’s but there is something to be said about our tendency to vote based on superficial criteria and or ideological allegiance. Mark Sanford was conservative in a conservative state where conservatives votes and conservative voters outnumber their liberal counterparts; therefore he won.

He cheated on his wife, then left her hanging like a nerd trying to get a high five from the captain of the football team. The highest of fives mind you, the highest of fives. Then he had the cashews to bring his mistress around during the campaign like she was his wife all along. If nothing else about the man Mark Sanford is one bold dude. I could never do that but then again I have integrity and a conscience.

But there’s also a dilemma we face in this country because our culture and our political culture especially has slipped to such a level that often times we’re given a false choice between the lesser of two evils. It’s either the guy who cheated on his wife or the guy who left his wife for another guy, who do we choose? I guess our “trusted” elected leaders are a bunch of deeply flawed individuals who are no better than you or I in that regard.

The problem is they want to act like they’re better than you or I until they get caught with their pants down or their shirts off, literally. When the campaign starts they’re just like us, when they win they’re just like us, give it some time they start to act as if they’re better than us, when they get caught slippin’ now they wanna act like they’re no different than the everyday person dealing with issues and a flawed character.

That’s American politics in the modern day: “I’m just like you”…….”I know best”…..”I’m only human”

I don’t know, I’m not like most conservatives, integrity means something to me. Integrity is more important than whether or not such and such candidate is as conservative as I am on the issues. I would vote for a dry erase board over a solid conservative if I knew that dry erase board had more integrity than the solid conservative.

But like I said in American politics you stand by your own because ideology trumps what matters the most and that’s being honest and solid in who you are as a person and not as a ideologue.

This idea of well you only have two choices, no that’s not true. You can vote for Mark Sanford, Stephen Colbert’s sister or you could have stayed home. I would have stayed home. There are things that are more important than just whether or not this candidate can help save the country. What about the culture? What about the message we send to the next generation? It’s okay to do wrong in life because well, no one will hold you responsible because if you someone approves of what you’ve done on the surface then they’ll always be a seat at the table down the line.

Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, Anthony Wiener, Mark Sanford, really? Elliot Spitzer, really? Elliot Spitzer was able to get a job on CNN after what he did to his family. Dude is just weird son, dude likes to have sex with nothing on but his tube socks. What kind of people are we propping up in our society man?

I don’t know, maybe I’m not seeing the big picture because I’m not one to bitterly cling to this country like most conservatives. I’ve made peace with the fact that this nation will come and go and won’t ever be the way we knew it when we knew it when. That’s why my voting habits have changed over the past few years. I no longer put “Who can win” as the top requirement. I voted for Mitt Romney knowing full well he would likely lose the election but because he was in my view the most honest candidate with the most integrity I had no issues with my vote. I’m all about integrity and honor and I expect the same of anyone running for office or I simply won’t vote.

Mark Sanford is back, count that as adulterer number…oh who’s keeping count anymore.

Plus he’s a solid conservative who will help us save the country…because the country yeah! He a scumbag but she a libal so I’m votin for da scumbag

Obama and the liberals are destroying our country! No we’re all doing that, they’ve just done a little more than the others.

Be easy



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