Shiny Toy Guns: The Left's Newest Crusade: Banning All Plastic Guns and 3-D Printers

I was on Youtube last night and I went to CNN’s Youtube channel. I watched a clip from Jake Tapper’s new show and he was doing a little segment on a guy who managed to make a fully functional hang gun from one of those 3-D printers. The guy’s name is Cody Wilson and he’s a 25 year old law student at the University of Texas. The gun called the “Liberator” is the first of its kind in terms of someone successfully use a firearm made with a 3-D printer. This of course has the left up in arms and ready to once again ready to sound the alarm on gun control.

I couldn’t help but laugh because I mean yeah this dude made a fully functioning hand gun with a 3-D printer; I give him much dap for creativity and innovation. You can’t help but to be impressed by what he’s done, but whereas I’m ready to give the dude the highest of fives the left led by Democrat lawmakers like Steve Israel and Chuck Schumer, are ready to come down hard on the idea of people potentially, or likely in their view making guns from 3-D printers. Senator Schumer believes terrorists could use printing to make weapons, which he doesn’t really believe but he has to throw that in there as a poll tested reason.

He also said someone with serious mental problems or someone with a history of domestic violence could buy a printer, make a gun and go and spray the place like a graffiti artist. Well, you could say a man or woman with a history of domestic violence could just as easily use a butcher knife or electric saw on their spouse, or maybe douse their spouse (that rhymes!) with boiling hot water?

My point is two fold:

1. Cody Wilson is an example of the very fact that you cannot deter people from making weapons of any sort for whatever reason. Like my pastor said after the Sandy Hook shooting, natural laws won’t solve the problem unless you change the person first.

Now, Cody Wilson might not be the next mass shooter but the next mass shooter is out there folks. And if he’s not then the next domestic terrorist with homemade bombs is out there, if not the next knife wielding maniac is likely to strike on any college campus at any moment; and this time his knife might be a machete, or an ax, or some other large blade that will do more damage and kill more people; who knows.

2. You can’t legislate evil, period. No matter how many laws you pass evil will slip through like a mouse through the cracks in the wall. Evil is so determined to destroy as many lives as possible no man made law can vanquish it. The left needs to accept the fact that no matter what they believe the government can do, no matter what they urge their all knowing almighty federal government to do, evil will find a way to overcome what the government puts in place. In the meantime all they’re doing is taking more and more of our freedom and slowly turning America into the world’s most dominant police state.

Chuck Schumer said those 3-D printers cost between 8,000 and 13,000 dollars? If you have that kind of money where you can just buy one and make weapons all day perhaps you should consider applying for a job with the Pentagon or some defense contractor. I’m not spending eight grand on anything that doesn’t need a full tank of gas or insurance.

I guess liberals see this as their new crusade moment. After the NRA so much all kinds of owned them on the background check issue the left needs something to create more fear and phony outrage. I give you toy guns and 3-D printers.

I wouldn’t be at all shocked to hear President Obama talk about 3-D printers and plastic weaponry in his next speech in some Midwestern town with police officers and family members of the Sandy Hook victims serving as a back drop.

The left is angry because the NRA celebrated the defeat of Pat Toomey and Joe Manchin’s background check bill. As if the left wouldn’t be celebrating had it passed and became law.

I don’t like Shiny Toy Guns the band, although their cover of Major Tom was pretty good. And I especially don’t like people making something out of nothing when it comes to plastic guns; because yes every mentally disturbed person who wants to shoot a bunch of people have access to 3-D printers, just like every wife beater and child abuser has access to 3-D printers right?

I’m not excusing violence I’m just saying violence is better defeated when the person has not violence in their heart. See what I just did there? But no we can’t talk about that because the authors of violence keep the gravy train on the tracks…straight to Washington DC….right up to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….and into the Oval Office.

Mmm…graaaavvyyyy (drools on self)



El Fantasma


“I don’t shine shoes

I don’t tape ankles

I don’t cut checks 

Straight cash homey”


“I don’t shine shoes

I don’t tape ankles

I don’t cut checks

Straight cash homey”

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