In The Conversation About Birth Control For Young Teenage Girls, Why Can't Self Worth and Abstinence Be A Viable Option As Well?

I’m a child of the 1990’s, more over I’m an African American child of the 1990’s. I remember when the likes of Queen Latifah and other female lyricists were heavy on the promotion of self worth and self respect among sisters be it black, white, or brown. The theme back then was an idea that women ought not settle for what their male counterparts would deem “appropriate”. The words “b*tch and slut were commonplace in the rap game with hip hop groups such as Two Live Crew, The X-Clan leading the way with a new form of part hip hop which focused in large part on over saturated lyrics that were so sexually explicit and disrespectful to women that in the case of Luke Campbell and Two Live Crew it attracted attention from the FCC.

Nowadays however the closest thing to any positive reinforcement for young girls is a birth control ad spot during an episode of some horrible MTV show like the Real World or whatever else crap they have on MTV these days. Young girls are made to settle for the minimum which is to say the idea of actually telling the next generation of American females that their bodies are to be saved for marriage, and that they can build self esteem and confidence through virginity is somehow either overlooked on purpose or ridiculed  by the mainstream culture and the media.

They say “Abstinence doesn’t work” Yeah well I wonder why. When you have every music video and every movie showing sex and women in next to no clothing dancing like strippers and the slew of female celebs in Hollywood jumping from boyfriend to boyfriend like frogs on a lily pad of course there’s no viable place for abstinence in a society where if you’re not sexually active by the age of 14 you’re considered old fashioned and behind the eight ball. We live in a culture here in America where the more slutty you are the more you’re worthy of respect and praise. Which is why a porn star who parodied Sarah Palin can capture fame and notoriety yet Lolo Jones is constantly mocked and made fun of for being a virgin at the age of 30.

Well, I for one would rather take a chance at a long term relationship with the virgin Lolo than have a one niter with the porn star Lisa Ann; who has probably more gobbled more wieners than Joey Chestnut.

I think it’s a tragic commentary on our nation when a judge deems it appropriate to lift age restrictions on the birth control pill Plan B.

In an article on MNBC.com Chloe Angyal states that a good portion of girls in this country will have sex for the first time at age 15 or earlier. Shouldn’t that alarm us instead of it being something we just accept like a thunderstorm in April or snow in January? I don’t find girls as young as 13 having their first sexual experience normal; I think it’s scary. I think this atmosphere of “If it feels good do it” is more harmful to the next generation than the national debt.

More outreach I believe is needed in terms of teaching young girls how to be more confident in themselves so they won’t have to use sex as a way to gain acceptance or to make a boy like them more. We need to highlight female role models outside Hollywood and the music industry who are worth the title of “Role Model”. These loose dried up females in Tinseltown who are barely sober and barely competent enough to carry on a regular conversation aren’t role models for young girls when they sleep around town every time you look up.

I mean Miley Cyrus is a role model for young girls? The chick walks around half naked and out her mind and I’m supposed to take my daughter to a Miley Cyrus concert? Selena Gomez is another one of the Disney harlots who play the role of innocent child star until they turn sixteen and their shows get canceled because they’re ready for “serious roles” aka taking their clothes off and making provocative music. Man this ain’t your father’s Disney, on the real.

When I become a dad I want my daughter to know her worth as a female. I don’t want her to feel like she owes some little punk her body because if she has sex with him then he’ll wanna be with her. Cause I’m gonna be real I’m going to be one of those fathers you know I’m telling I don’t wanna have to raise up and put my hands on one of these little knuckle heads because he tried to sucker my daughter into losing her virginity. I won’t play that stuff and I will go to jail for assault.

Now here’s where I stand on Plan B: I’m a bit you could say extreme right wing nutter on this issue. I don’t support the use of Plan B under any circumstance because along with young teens having sex, I assume something they find pleasurable; should also come the consequence, thus the lesson that ought to be learned but often times isn’t because liberals in culture and society give way too many “mulligans” to these girls who make the choice to have sex before they are ready physically and emotionally.

If my daughter had unprotected sex at say 14 and she told her mother and I, and then wanted to use birth control I wouldn’t allow it. I would sit her down and explain to her why she needs to be pregnant. It sounds radical and crazy but you see I was raised by old fashioned folks you heard. My dad was the type of parent who said without any excuses you had to be in college or employed by the time you were eighteen or you were homeless. My parents come from traditional values and they raise us on those values. There is no way in Hades my sister would have gotten an abortion or taken birth control. You see because the pregnancy is the consequence, which is the lesson itself. If one shoplifts or robs a bank and it goes unpunished the likelihood of you doing it again is much higher because you committed a crime and you weren’t punished for it. If girls can have sex and take pills or get abortions then where is the lesson learned? How can we teach our daughters the negative impact of having sex before marriage and at a young age if we can just toss em some pills or take them to those butcher shops called abortion clinics?

This is our society now where you can do something bad or something detrimental and everyone will make excuses and give you a pass. At what point do we go from being the land of second chances to the land of no consequence?

I don’t believe it’s impossible for a young teenage girl to have enough self respect and self esteem to where she will save herself until marriage. I just don’t think our culture is interested in promoting that.

It’s hard when you have Miley Cyrus doing it, and Selena Gomez, and all these young celebrities who have so many young followers and the young Hollywood crowd is ripping through life as though it were their last minute on Earth and anything goes because well, if it feels good do it.

….Have I told you how much I love this country? We’re first in like everything…even the stuff that we shouldn’t be first in.

But don’t worry we’re like #35 in mathematics and science, and like third to last place in high school graduation and literacy.

Gosh I love America

America: Where birth control pills are more readily available at our schools than proper text books! Where California high school students make booty shaking videos yet probably couldn’t spell “California high school students make booty shaking videos”

Ah heck what am I saying, this country blows.



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