Should Parents Introduce Guns To Children At A Young Age?: No

I’m really pretty down the line on this issue of what should and shouldn’t be geared toward the next generation. The next generation being the kids of course. You know I’m the son of a hunter my dad used high powered rifles for most of his life and I’ve defended the right to bear arms on many occasions but with many things in our culture guns ought not be advertised to children. I mean look, I have nephews, a niece, and cousins under the age of 10, would I be comfortable with someone giving them a gun for a birthday gift or a Christmas present? Probably not. Now, it’s a dicey issue because obviously I can’t tell a parent who wants to give their young child a gun for Christmas what to do with their money and their child. I just can’t get behind someone who would do that.

I’m you know solid as a rock under a frozen lake in the winter time when it comes to being conservative, but I’m also against stupidity and unreasonable acts which often plague our nation. Giving a five year old pup a .22 caliber rifle is about as stupid as letting Casey Anthony babysit your daughter or cheating on Lorena Bobbit.

The young lad in Kentucky who accidentally shot his 2 year old sister with a rifle you know the parents of that boy ought to be ashamed. I mean I choose not to go further because first of all I’m not one to pile on folks dealing with tragedy even if they’re the cause of the tragedy, and two we need to let for grieving parents and pray for them. That little girl didn’t have to die, then again her brother didn’t need a rifle for Christmas either.

Whatever happened to gifts like say…Nintendo? action figures?

When I was young the best present I got for Christmas was a Sega Dreamcast. I got a Sega Dreamcast with a copy of Soul Calibur and Sega Bass Fishing.

It’s like you know are video games and Iron Man action figures not enough for kids these days? You know lol, the video games like Call of Duty aren’t enough we gotta get em steel so they can truly get a feel for the violent games they’re playing on that 50 inch you got em last Christmas next to that computer without the parental controls that has their Facebook profile on it and they only 7 years old, trigga please.

It’s just sad to know that there are people in this country who would think or not, to give their child a dangerous weapon as a gift.

You wanna teach your son I mean you fathers out there you wanna teach your son about hunting and using a rifle or a hunting bow when he’s 11 or 12 I’m okay with that and it’s a great way to bond; but 5 years old is too young and too soon for any child regardless of color to be holding a gun.

Think about it like this: Would you get your 5 year old daughter one of those nasty string bikinis that Gwyneth Paltrow designed? Not likely I would assume because 5 year old girls walking around the beach in string bikinis is like dumping a drum of bloody fish chunks into shark infested waters when it comes to pedophiles and other degenerates.

At some point we gotta say to ourselves: My kid is too young for this, this, and this.

If kids are too young for sex, sexual imagery, violent imagery, foul language, and scary movies then there should be an age limit when it comes to holding heat.

Again I’m not going to call the boy’s parents all out of their name and anything like that I mean those people are dealing with quite a bit on their plate right now. It was one of those mistakes that didn’t have to happen and you know it makes you sad it really does.

So you know let kids be kids, let em be innocent guilt free and smiling all the time you know? Don’t be putting guns in these young lads hands or dressing your daughters up like they belong on an episode of Hookers at the Point.

Be easy fam-



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